A Work In Progress

woman working from home

A Work In Progress

Thank you for landing here on my website. Currently my website is being redesigned. Since 2000, this site was once a rambling crazy thoughts blog, a marketing newsletter sharing articles on radio, television, internet and cable television, a business site, and now this iteration. I’m semi retired. So instead of being all things to all people, I plan to be one thing to all the people who need it.

I’ve got over 30 years experience in media and marketing. Have been focussed on the internet since 2004, And opening my own consultancy in 2009.

I create interesting, engaging content for social media. That’s what I do. I’m semi-retired so I’d like to keep my work to that genre.

I can help you with some advice on all sorts of internet marketing, and probably refer you to someone who can help. For those of you who have known me entirely too long, I no longer make websites. But I have people! You need tech? I have people. You need a website? I have people. You need to buy some ads? I have people. I would love to refer some good professionals to you at no charge.

I have a rockin’ hosting company that I work with and I’m more than willing to help you get set up with them.

So thanks for stopping by. Come back when I’m all done. I’ll have a blog with some smart things written in it.

If you need me now, please text:

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