Case Study – The Wrong Shoes on The Right Foot

I was wondering through Facebook when I saw a post from AdWeek about Adidas shoes.  Some folks from New Mexico, me included, complained that the shoes didn’t represent our state at all.  The shoe featured saguaro cacti and they don’t grow naturally in New Mexico.  I posted it on my business page as an example of bad  business.

Here’s the article:  AdWeek Adidas Shoes

Adidas shoes

Imagine my shock and happy surprise when the artist contacted me offering to redo the shoe.  We chatted through messenger.  She was gracious, loved some of the pictures I sent her about our state.  Color me impressed.

Almost immediately, she had a new shoe featuring the beautiful balloons from our Balloon Fiesta, and colors that reflect the watermelon Sandia mountains.

Turns out this artist is starting up a shoe company.  Already she’s doing it right.  She’s listening, she’s correcting, she’s learning and she’s producing a beautiful product that  is customized to her audience.  Let’s break down all the steps she took to have this amazing engagement with a potential customer, and ultimately the market of people in New Mexico.

  1.  She obviously was monitoring social media to know that posts were made about her original piece of work.
  2. She reached out with a “tell me more’ attitude.  Show me how to be better.
  3. She was respectful and engaged.
  4. She listened and learned from her interaction.  This allowed for her to be better at her adaptation and illustration of life for New Mexico residents.
  5. She was quick to respond, not only to the original post but in the creation of a new shoe design.

The artist is Jordana Schlager and this is her new New Mexico shoe design.

tennis shoes

Here is her facebook page:  Jordana Schlager

And website:

And what did she gain from her actions?

Businesses who respond quickly to peoples’ needs gain more loyal customers.  Happy customers will tell about 9 people about their experience.    An unhappy customer who is then made happy, will share your company 10x more often than someone who is unhappy.  Happy customers means less “cold” sales and more referrals.  And good customer service means you can charge more for your products.

For more information on how customer service affects your bottom line, check out this article here.


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