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Jerky By Art

How to Give Beef Jerky for the Holidays

brattykidsYour sister and brother in law are bringing three little brats, um three little darlings, with them to Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner and they’re all staying with you. These kids eat you out of house and home and never agree on the same snack.  AH HA!   Jerky By Art’s Variety Pack ought to do the trick.

What to Get the Team for the Holidays

You’re the big boss, and the sub-contractors or sales team expect goodies in the break room.  Everyone can send cookies or fruitcake.  And sure, those people sending the fruit baskets have the right intentions, but what’s going to get eaten first?  That’s right, the yummy goodness that is our variety pack!

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Managing Apps in the BYOA World

Dollarphotoclub_67155826-300x193Dropbox, BaseCamp, Office 365,  Evernote, HootSuite, CardMunch, and the list goes on.  There are an unlimited amount of cloud apps that people bring with them with their devices into your business.  The challenge to IT professionals is managing apps in a BYOA world  (Bring Your Own App). The problem is keeping your data secure while still allowing employees to use the apps they prefer.

The average employee brings with them not just 1 or 2 apps on their various devices, but an average of 21!  How does an IT professional wrap their head around which employee has what app on which device?   Is that app useful to productivity?   Is it secure on the business’ network?   Can you block it or approve it or encourage other employees to use it if it’s in the cloud?  Just how does the IT department go about managing apps?

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The Inclusive Life

Disgraced Truth

From left, Angela Littleton, Gregory Wagrowski, Celia Schaefer and John San Nicolas star in FUSION Theatre Company's "Disgraced." rkimball@abqjournal.com Tue Sep 01 08:40:11 -0600 2015 1441118406 FILENAME: 198323.jpgFrom left, Angela Littleton, Gregory Wagrowski, Celia Schaefer and John San Nicolas star in FUSION Theatre Company’s “Disgraced.” rkimball@abqjournal.com

Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar is a Obie winning, Tony nominated play centered around five very different characters.   There is Amir who has renounced his muslim faith and has tried hard to assimilate into his Jewish law firm and into American society.  The play takes place in 2012.  Emily his wife, is a white blond rising artist hoping to have her work in a show.  Contrary to her husband, Emily sees beauty in the muslim culture and has appropriated it into her paintings.

Abe Jensen – Amir’s nephew Hussein who has changed his identity because of racial profiling is upset that a local imam has been jailed and seeks Amir’s help.  Amir reluctantly pays the man a visit in jail and ends up being quoted in the Times.

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Bosque Beast

Corgilicious! (Or, how infectious is the love of lowriders)

September 30, 2015 Greta Weiner

f63d2a_5943147df3b348cba478021e7b4ee83fWhen I was just 2 years old, we got a Corgi named Lady Meg who was 2 months old. Being the two babies in the family, we spent a lot of time together. Older siblings didn’t have time to walk the dog or play with their little sister. Meggie was such a good companion that when I grew up, I knew my first dog was going to be a Corgi.

In walked Ginger. Or as I started to call her, Ginger Snap Cookie. Ginger was a rescue, and I know why she was surrendered. She barked. A lot. Even after quieting down, she would harrumph under her breath.

Soon it became time to grow my little family, so I brought home the tiniest little puppy. She became Cinnamon Sugar Cookie.   Cinnamon took to Ginger as if she were her original Momma. Much to Ginger’s chagrin. Ginger was a people dog, not a dog’s dog.

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The Jewish Federation e Link

Looking for Unbiased Reporting

Posted by Webmaster on Tuesday, November 17, 2015   By Greta Weiner

webfriendlyCamerashootpicAs Jews, we are often confronted with bias in reporting affairs in the Middle East. We’re almost immune to it. But with the recent increase in violence in Israel, not a day goes by without headlines screaming “ Palestinians killed by Israeli violence!” Putting the emphasis on the victim’s recourse rather than the perpetrators instigating the attacks.

Three examples: 

Saturday, October 10th. L.A. Times. “Four Palestinian Teens Killed in Israeli Violence” Actually there were six that died that day. Two were Israelis stabbed by two Palestinian teens. Two were the same Palestinian teens who stabbed the Israelis. Two other Palestinian teens were killed during a violent riot. And unfortunately, two people died because their house was next to a Hamas building that exploded in an air strike. The LA Times later amended the headline to read, “Four Palestinian Teens Killed in Israeli-Palestinian Violence”.

October 15th. MSNBC News. Palestinian reporter Ayman Mohyeldin, live on air explaining that a Palestinian protestor was shot by Israeli soldiers and it appeared he did not have a bomb, gun or …..knife. Except they were showing Mohyeldin’s own footage where the man clearly had a knife of five inches or longer, as pointed out by anchor Jose Diaz-Balart.

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