Writing for SEO: What Does That Even Mean?

Writing for SEO: What Does That Even Mean?

By now we all know, you need a blog and you need fresh content on it.   But what does that mean?  How do you write to make the search engines happy?

Writing for SEO

SEO graphic lettersFirst, just a refresher, the spiders that Google sends out look for new content.  If you don’t have any, the spiders ignore you.   So that is one of the reasons you should be blogging.   However, there is an art to writing a blog.  It’s not just spitting out new content.   There are certain things that Google’s algorithms look for,  and a blog is an efficient way to achieve them.


Let’s talk about keywords.  No keywords and your site is ignored.  Too many and your site is black-balled.   So what’s the deal with keywords?

Keywords should be used to help a searcher find your content.  If you are writing a blog about garlic infused beef jerky, you probably want your keyword to be garlic or garlic jerky.  Similar terms used in your blog will help reinforce your keywords. Google “reads” your blog for meaning.  For example if your keyword is garlic spiced jerky, words like beef jerky, spices, cured meat, that all pertain to jerky will help strengthen your blog.

You also don’t need to make sure your keyword is in every sentence or even every paragraph.   I usually put my client’s keywords in their blogs about 4-6 times depending on the length of the blog.

Good Content

good and bad seo arrowsCrawlers and even Google employees (yes the employees still read your site) are looking for Good content.   What is Good content?

When writing for SEO, your content should help the reader understand your topic.   It should give some value to the user.   It should be fairly easy to read and comprehend.  Other best practices include making sure your content is above the fold and not covered by banners and ads.  If your user has to scroll too far to get to the content, it’s a mark against you.   To tell you about Good content maybe we should talk about Bad content.

Bad Content

Just like good content can help your site, bad content can hurt.   Examples of bad content include:

Poorly written
Too short
Duplicated from somewhere else

Most of the above is pretty self-explanatory.  Your blogs should not be repetitive.  THis means not using the keywords too many times, not using the same keywords for multiple blogs, and they should not be repetitive in within the blog.

Poorly written encompasses a lot but mostly, form full sentences, use proper grammar, make your points clearly and concisely.

Don’t make your blog too short.  Blogs should be over 300 words.   Rule of thumb is to make your blog 500 – 2000 words.

Uninformative:  if you are writing about a particular topic, you should be informing your readers on that topic.  What should someone learn from reading your blog?  You can “sell” your product in a blog but if your blog is just one long sales pitch, it most likely is not information that your reader is looking for.

And do not pick up a blog from somewhere else and repost it as your own.  First that’s illegal, the original author can sue you.  Secondly, Google recognizes duplicate content and moves on and you’ve missed your chance to be favorably reviewed by spiders and / or employees.  And in some cases it can work against you.

If you’re going to write blog for your business, I hope this blog has helped you learn a little more about writing for SEO.  If you feel like you have no time for writing, let alone keeping all these things in mind while doing it, then you have just learned why my clients hire me.  It’s not that they can’t write.  It’s that they don’t have time to do so.

Dollarphotoclub_92172499I’d be happy to gie you a quote on writing a blog for you.  In addition to structuring your blog for SEO, I also research your blog, topic for you, provide royalty free pictures, and write in a “voice” that suits your business and industry.   And I would be honored to do so.

If you have found this blog useful, I hope you will share it!

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