Why a Blog?

In talking with a new  business owner these last couple days, the question came up, “Why would a business need a blog?”

Steeped in online marketing and getting inquiries into writing blogs for people, it didn’t occur to me that someone might not know why you want a blog.

Here are some useful reasons for having a blog:

content (2)Updated Information On Your Website

Let me ask you.  When you go to a business’ website and you see the last time anything was updated was September 2010, are you impressed with that business?  Do you have faith in their ability to render the services you need?

Provided your website is nice and professional looking, a blog is a great way to make your business current and relative to what people are searching for from your industry.

Having updated information on your website has a second benefit:

Google likes Blogs

Lets go back to that business that hasn’t updated their site since 2010.  Lets compare it to a site in the same industry  that has a blog that is updated every month.  Google likes updated content.  Google also likes relevant content.  So the search engine is going to look at these two sites and see which one has the most content about it’s industry.  It’s also going to see which has recent content.  And the one that scans better is bumped up.  Blogging is a great way to organically climb the search engine ladder.

Are you an Expert?  Prove it.

So a potential customer has found you on the search engine, they’ve looked at your site and it looks professional and they found your blog and see that it’s recent.  So far, you are scoring some great points with this prospect.  The next step is they may scan and / or read your blog.  This is your opportunity to show them you know what you’re doing.  It’s also an opportunity to become a resource to them.  And if you’re a good enough resource, they will visit your blog often maybe even subscribe.

Why Blog?  

It’s smart marketing and can help sales.    It keeps you current and relevant to consumers.  It helps you move up in search engines.  And blogging can help make sales by showing you are an expert and by becoming a resource to your customers and potential customers.



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