Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

In my networking group, someone said, “I have my business, I know I have to market online, but where do I start?  Start with a site, Social Media and AdWords.

Let’s Start at the Beginning.

A website.  It’s shocking how many businesses today do not have a website.  A survey by GoDaddy last year found 60% of small businesses do not have a website.   They might have a presence on Yelp or a Facebook page, but that’s about it.   The reasons they give for not having a site, is it’s too expensive, they don’t have the expertise to do a website, or they consider themselves too small.

start with word press
Source: http://www.wpthemeschecker.com/

Websites are extremely affordable now.   You will need, a domain name and hosting. You can upload free themes from WordPress.  If you choose a bundle hosting package for several years, you can get online for about $200.  WordPress is so prevalent that if there’s something you don’t know how to do on it, there’s probably a blog devoted to teaching you how to do it.  I have taught many of my clients how to use WordPress.  If you can use Power point or Word, you can use WordPress.

Yes, your website will be a template and there may be other websites that look just like it out there.  That matters less than what your website says about you.   The content you put on your site is what will matter to Google.   Be sure to put content on the site that is about your business and industry.   Be sure to update it monthly or more.  You also should have a site that is responsive – it looks good on a PC, tablet or phone.

If you don’t want to build your site but do want to know how to update it, there are many professionals like myself who will make your site for you and train you to take it from there.

Get Started on Basic Social Media

Social media can be daunting.   Simply because there is just so much of it!  The best way to approach social media is to ask yourself the question, “Where are my people?”   Which social media has the most people from my target customers?

social media speech bubbles (like, tweet, friend, share, photo) isolated white background include clipping path

If you sell to businesses, it’s good bet to have a business page on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn can offer you the largest group of decision makers.   I usually also recommend Facebook.

In fact, I recommend that you start marketing online with Facebook, no matter what your business is.   Facebook is on every phone and millions of us check it incessantly.  Facebook also has most of the features that the other social media have so once you are comfortable and familiar with Facebook, other platforms seem easy.

TIP:  Be sure to make a BUSINESS page and not a personal profile on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

No matter who your customer is you need a Google Plus page.  I know.  NO ONE is on G+.   However, Google loves Google.  So Google wants you to be on their plastform.   And here’s why you are going to do it.  SEARCH RESULTS.   First, start by claiming your business listing.  Google your business, and you’ll see a listing like this:

Start by claiming yourpage, example of google placesYou will also see “Claim this Business”.   And they will walk you through the steps on claiming your business.

Then you will want to start and keep up a G+ page.  Even if you have very little followers, whatever you post on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter, post it on G+.  You’ll find that the more places you have with your name on it the more you can dominate the search for your industry.

Speaking of Google, Try AdWords

For more than a decade, the number one way someone finds your business is through a search online.   And most of the time, on Google.   You might consider purchasing some Google AdWords.  Before you do, read this:

“The second narrative is that search marketing makes more sense than any alternative because it is both highly targeted and highly measurable.   One of the greatest reasons internet marketing is super-duper-fantastic-awesome-sauce is because (at least theoretically), everything that happens on your website is measurable. “

That’s a quote from a previous blog on the site, from our guesst blogger Gary Sanchez.   Read the rest, here:  Read about Google AdWords

Keep it going

hamster start on a wheelTo start with a website, social media presence and some Google Advertising is great.   But you have to keep it going.   Google constantly re-evaluates websites.   Your social media presence and a blog on your website allow you to constantly have new content for Google to evaluate.  The more the merrier.  It’s not too much to be sharing once a day on social media and to be blogging once a month.

Don’t be too salesy on your blog or posts, give information, be entertaining.

This is where you go from being on the first page, to dominating the page.  There’s no greater online marketing win than to be above your competitors, with not just one but several listings.

If you need help with any of this, well, that’s why I’m here.

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