What Have You Done For Me Lately?

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

In every client / vendor relationship, one day the client will say, “What have you done for me lately?”  And they’re not asking you to play a Janet Jackson song.

To some, it is a scary and unwelcome question.  To me, it’s a chance to remind my client of all things I have done, behind the scenes quietly every day.  It’s easy to get into a routine with your client and not tout your work to them every month.  The question asked, is the perfect time to do so.

It occurred after answering the question for my client that potential clients and current readers of my blog might want to know what I’ve done for my clients lately.


Lately in the Jerky World

My Jerky By Art client had more web sales last month than any other month.  Yes, it’s the holidays and November is busy, but it’s still a month that hit a new high in sales.  I attribute that to some of the diligent work we have been doing on social media.  I say we because I always encourage my clients to post on their own and to share all the posts. Sharing gives posts a much larger audience.  A couple months ago, we added more “salesy” posts to our social media, linking directly to a flavor of jerky or linking to the store.  It seems to be working.

In addition to creating social media posts and monitoring the profile daily, for this client, I send a monthly email letter out, and write a blog for them.  All clients get an analysis of each part of the marketing strategy.  Which posts were popular and which are effective, numbers from the email marketing, and the ultimate test – number of online orders for the jerky products.


Lately in the Movie World

Julie on TVI reconnected with a co-worker from The Edge radio station.  She has become a local celebrity, movie reviewer and blogger in Dallas.  She was having trouble updating her WordPress site to a more modern look.  She put the word out on Facebook, and I was pleasantly surprised when she told me that of all the people who contacted her, I was the most helpful.  After the work was done, she said I was the most cost effective too.

Here’s a link to her review of my services.

Here’s a link to her site.  If you’re in the Dallas area, grab some free movie tickets!


Lately in the Jewish Community

Having worked for almost a year as the web guru for both the Jewish Federation of NM and their newspaper – The Jewish Link – I was honored to be asked to make a website for their new project.  Currently and for the next 15 months, the country of Spain will give you Spanish citizenship if you can show that your heritage connects back to families who left Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.  In our hemisphere, the Jewish Federation of NM is the only place that can verify that heritage for you.  Not only did I make a website for them (with the help of a collaborator), the website was made fast and effective.  Because the users of the site, may not be tech savvy, and may be elderly, it’s a very simple, easy to read, easy to use site.  Another reason for the site to be simple, is that it will soon be translated into Spanish.

Here are links to all three websites.



Lately in the E-Magazine Business

lately on elbow room nmI have to say my favorite work is the work I do for www.elbowroomnm.com .

For this client, I post to their website, almost every story they write.  Not only am I putting it up on the website, but also doing the SEO for the story, and often choosing royalty free photography or purchasing pictures for them.  After every story goes up, the stories are then posted by me to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  In addition to Elbow Room NM’s stories, I also post other items on their Social Media.

Like other Social Media clients I have, I also provide analysis and feedback to Elbow Room NM on how their social media is doing.

And occassionally, I pitch them a good storyline and they let me write for them as well!


Don’t feel threaten or caught off guard when your client asks.  Go ahead and tell them what you have done lately!

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