What a Bargain! Such a Deal!

I just read a report on deal seekers.  Lots of statistics on who looks for deals, where they look for deals, how they redeem them.  Most people will look at that data and make better coupons or discounts.  I will share the statistics with you so that you have them, but  I want to talk about the last two types of deal seekers.

thumb_09-Nov-2009_bigstockphoto_bargain_tag_1956517 - Copy (2)The ones that don’t look for a deal.  And the ones that reject deals.  Because these are the people you are truly losing money on.

The first group, is called “Deal Indifferents“.   These are the people you are easily losing money on.  They don’t look for deals, don’t care about deals, but if you offer them one, they will use it.  So you’re missing out on being able to sell them something at full price!   Deals, coupons, incentives, and discounts should be reserved for pushing an undecided shopper into making the buy.

In addition to losing money on these people because they will take the offered bargain…..they are a large group of the average consumer, taking up 30%!

The second group you are losing money on are the “Deal Rejectors.”  These are the people who not only don’t look for deals but actually reject them.  About 8% of consumers are Deal Rejectors.

So you’re thinking, if these people don’t use deals or look for them, how am I losing money on them?  They are willing to pay full price and you just said that was a good thing.

It is a good thing.

However, you should know one more thing about Deal Rejectors.  The most important thing to them is convenience.  These are people that don’t like shopping to begin with.  So.  If you are not making it extremely easy for them to buy from you, you’re missing them not only from your couponing efforts but in general.

So, that is two ways right away that you can start earning more in your sales.   Do not give in to giving a deal to someone that is already in the buying process and ready to pay full price.   And, to those who hate shopping in general, make it easy for them to buy from you.

Now for the stats on those who are bargain hunters:

Deal Seeker  Influencers:    18% of consumers are Deal Seeker Influencers.  They are always seeking the best deal possible, online, offline, and on mobile.

Offline Deal Seekers:  13% of consumers are Offline Deal Seekers.  They are people who seek deals through traditional media.  Think coupon clippers.

Deal Thrillers:   14% of consumers are Deal Thrillers.   Always seeking the best deals but prefers to get deals from their favorite stores.

Deal Takers:  12% of consumers are Deal Takers.  They aren’t looking for a deal, but will take one if one comes along.  What makes them different from Deal Indifferents is that the Deal Takers are willing to shop a new store if they get a deal.  So couponing, bargains, etc will still entice them.

Want more information or want to see the whole study?  Email me!  gretaweiner@gmail.com

Source:  experian marketing services




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