Today’s Buyer

Today’s Buyer

Ah the good old days.  You put an ad in the paper and it reached about 90% of the people who can read.   An ad on television would garner at least 33% of the market.  AND competition, was smaller.  Sears was pretty much the only big box store.

ADVERTISING word cloud, business conceptIt’s not like that anymore.  Today’s buyer is bombarded with messages everywhere – Billboards, Television, YouTube, Satellite Radio, Radio, Websites, Social Media.  Everywhere.   According to the Media Dynamics Study, the average adult is exposed to 5,000+ brands and their advertisements throughout the day. How many of these are ads? 362. And how many of these ads actually make an impression? 12.

TWELVE.   Just  twelve.

There is so much information that attention to any one piece of it, is scarce.

Learn what today’s buyer is like and where you can get a word in edgewise.

Today’s Buyer is Informed

With so much information readily available, today’s buyer has probably already formed an opinion on your brand or products before they have ever interacted with you.  That’s a scary thought, but most likely true.  A consumer today can research product, price and reviews on the internet, and by using their phones, they can do it anywhere, anytime.  So that by the time a customer comes to you, they have already decided to make a purchase.  Or conversely, when they arrive at your competitors, they’ve already decided to buy THEIR product.

The consumer’s online perception and experience with you and your products  is crucial, and you must find a way to be relevant to their wants and needs.

Today’s Buyer has High Expectations

Consumers expect a seamless experience.  They want you to have great records of their purchases,  know their preferences and a have a flawless experience online or in person.  And they want the info they need available to them no matter where they are, on a desktop at work, on their phone late at night, or in person talking to your sales person.

And they want to find you where they are online.  They expect a website, a Facebook page, and online reviews.

rewardThey expect something for their loyalty.  Special offers, products only available to members, and almost everyone looks for free shipping online.  If they have a card that you scan to track their products in person, they also look for something for that privilege of you knowing their habits.   They want coupons, deals from other stores, or cash rewards.

Consumers will choose a higher price for consistency of quality.  They will choose a higher price for convenience.

Today’s Buyer is Savvy

They’re tech savvy, using all sorts of devices all day, from iPads to phones, to desktops, laptops and even gaming devices.

They are brand savvy and they have learned how to block ads, skip them or even ignore them.

Today’s buyer is mostly female, and she wants you to inform her, or entertain her.  Give her relevant information to her life, her lifestyle, and how your brand fits into it.  Do not bore her or even worse, aggravate her because today’s buyer is fickle.  You need to be interesting to keep her engaged with your products.

Digital Marketing Reaches Today’s Buyer

Imagine your wife, daughter, yourself.

You check Facebook before you check your email.  Then back to Facebook to see what your favorite news outlet has to say.  You go from their Facebook page to their website while drinking your coffee.

Then you go to work and check your work email before beginning and projects.  Better pop into LinkedIn to see if there is a new prospect you can sell to or hire.   Lunch comes around and you may be on Yelp on the computer or on your phone looking for a place to grab a bite.

Before you leave work, you check Facebook again, check business email and then personal email and then head home.  You make dinner, check all your social media while watching your shows.  You see an ad on Facebook, or a promotional email, or a television ad that makes you research a product, looking for reviews, more information, pricing and color.  You put the item in the shopping cart but decide to wait until tomorrow to buy it.

Group of people watching televisionYou message through social media to your best friend while the show is on, commenting on the plot and then say good night.  As you tuck yourself into bed, one last look at the phone to watch a YouTube video that relaxes you or makes you laugh.  Then, you decide, what the hell.  I’m going to buy that product.  You return to the site, click purchase and wait for your package to arrive.

How many times in that scenario are you on the internet?  How many places on the internet did you have the ability to learn about a product or brand?  Social media, promotional emails, website ads.

We spend more time on the internet than doing anything else, except maybe breathing.  There are so many opportunities to reach the consumer from a business page on social media, to ads on media websites, ads on review sites like Yelp, to videos on YouTube.  Each one of those places could have touched your buyer.  And could have brought them to your website, to your shopping cart to your sale.

And if you need help on how to do it.   I’d be happy to show you.

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