Three C’s of Marketing Today

Three C’s of Marketing Today

The Three C’s of Marketing today are Customer Experience, Customization, and Content Management/Optimization.

The First of Three C’s – Customer Experience

Customer Experience has been around for a while, but in today’s market, it’s essential and omnipresent.   Mobile has a lot to do with customer experience, because of the constant use, “always open” culture, and intimate setting.

What does all that mean?

Customer experience is NOT just customer service.

Three C's customer experience woman shopping onlineA customer’s experience with your brand and business is everything all combined in one – your branding, your customer service, your pricing, your billing – all of it.   How does that customer experience your brand?  Do they prefer email or a shopping app?  Are they connecting with you by smart phone searches or apps?   Do you give free shipping, are you price competitive, what is the culture of your brand?  How is your billing, it’s it easy, fast and painless?  Do products arrive on time, in nice packaging?  If there is a problem how is your customer service?  How do you encourage your customer to shop you again?

Every single step from first hearing about you to paying their bill and problem resolution is the customer experience and at any point along that timeline, they can disappear.   To encourage a great experience and to have a flawless execution requires every single department in your business to be on board and doing their best.

So you can see why the customer experience is the first of the Three C’s.  In the past two years, Customer Experience has been the largest growth concern in business marketing and it looks like it will continue that way through the rest of the year and into 2016.  (Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends 2015 )

Second of Three C’s – Customization

Again, mobile here is going to  play a big part.   How much customizing can your customer do with your brand / product?   Do you have a shopping app that allows them to save their favorites, put things on a wish list and input things they like?  When they put in things they like does your app send them similar items?   Can they customize the product itself – engraving a name, picking a color, choosing to bill to one address and ship to another?

The more your brand knows about your customer’s preferences AND offers options to meet those preferences the more they will interact  with your brand and buy.

Three C's customization make up bagA good example of this is some of the make up box companies.    (Pictured here is a “glam bag” from Ipsy).  You fill out a profile of what your skin color is, skin type, favorite colors, whether you like experimenting or not, your over all style, etc.   Then you pay $10 a month and these companies ship full size sample sized products to you. They  do this with the hope that you will buy those products through their website or app.   The brands they carry and put in those sample boxes, give them deep discounts, also with the hope that you will buy the product full price from the app or from your favorite make up shopping store or website.

These apps are overly abundant.  You find many that sell clothes, shoes, make up, etc.  The new arrival in the last year has been food categories – especially health food snacks.

How can this concept help your business?  Adobe’s Trend report also shows that business to business companies (B2B) are lagging behind their retail counterparts.   Do you sell supplies?  How might you take the make up bag idea and apply it to pens, paper, sticky notes, etc?

Again according to Adobe’s white paper, Customization is the second most important area of growth for businesses going forward.   Which makes it number 2 on our list of Three C’s.

The Third C – Content Management / Optimization

Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends 2015 – lists Content Marketing as the third most important business concern and that makes it number three on our list of the Three C’s of Marketing  today.  In fact – Almost 40% of B2B marketers selected content optimization as a top priority for 2015.

And the concern isn’t just content management but content optimization.   How is your content perceived across channels?  Do you post the same thing on your Facebook, on your website, on your mobile app and Pinterest?  Is your Pinterest user the same type of person to be found on LinkedIn?

I have to make a side note here.  NO Facebook and Pinterest posts are NOT translating well to LinkedIn.   I have read blog after blog begging people to stop putting personal and feel good posts on LinkedIn and to keep it professional.  And I swear by this advice.

Side note – LinkedIn is not for fun, it’s buttoned up, professional, blue suit and a power tie kind of social media.

Back to our third of the Three C’s:  content management and content optimization. Content management is making sure that you have new and relevant content on your website for search engines to find you and push your site up the page over others.  This involves knowing how to write for the different audiences, knowing where to share on social media, and knowing how to get a click through to your website from social media.

Dollarphotoclub_80484857Content optimization is learning from those posts.   What made people click?  What content was liked what content was shared?   How was the engagement versus sales?  Was the content designed to reach a lot of people? (getting eyeballs)  Or were you aiming at engaging people?  (likes and shares or perhaps to download an app)  And everyone’s favorite of course is to get a direct response, to make someone shop and BUY.  There are different techniques for each and different data points to look at for each.

The nature of the beast is that content meant to reach will get more people, less interaction and few sales.   Content meant to get engagement, will get fewer people, more interaction and a few sales.   Content meant to get a direct response, will get fewer people, more interaction and the most sales (per person).

The businesses that will be succeeding in the future will be those with the best strategies for the Three C’s – Customer Experience, Customization, Content Management / Optimization.

While I help mostly with Content Management / Optimization, I’m happy to consult on all three.

If you have found this information helpful, I hope you will share it to your favorite place.

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