Three Things You Can Do in Just Fifteen Minutes

Three Things You Can Do in Just Fifteen Minutes

Social Media is something you always need to keep up on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it quickly or in advance.  I thought I’d come up with a list of Things You Can Do Right Now to help keep your social media conversation going.

Three Things You Can Do in Just 15 Minutes

You can create professional posts / graphics, schedule the posts in advance and start a fire.

Don’t wait for something to happen then snap a picture.  Build great graphics for your posts on several services.    Some of the ones that I use are Capzool and Pixlr.

I’ve just started using Capzool.  It’s great because they have full blown graphics, photography and posts all ready for you, including hashtags.  You can make your own, use one that they created or take one of theirs and customize it to be your own.   Capzool will also post for you on  your various profiles.  $29 a month.  Check around, sometimes they give you the first month free.

Pixlr is a full blown photo editting site / software / app.  You can use it online or you can download an app.  I like Pixlr because you can use the professional side for making graphics like you would in photoshop.  Layers and colors and more.   The express app is the one I use most often.  Not only can I edit photo’s with typical features like contrast and cropping but they also have extras.  You can overlays, filters, and during seasonal times, stickers.


Here’s two of my favorite Pixlr photos from this year’s doggie Halloween costume party  and Valentine playdate at the park.

Other graphic design sites include:


After you have your graphics, pre plan them on Facebook or using a service.  There are many services you can use to pre-plan posts.  HootSuite is a long time favorite of most marketing managers.  I like free services and have made good use of using Buffer.  And of course if you are using CapZool, you can schedule your posts right from there.

Most services are the same though.  They allow you to connect your profiles to their software.  Then they allow you to choose a date and time to put up your posts.  Some of the better apps will give you feedback and analysis of your post and how it performed.  Some also will automatically make shortlinks for you.   So if you have a long URL like  and make it into a short link that is just a few characters.  This comes in handy when posting for twitter where you must stay within 140 characters.

I haven’t tried Edgar yet, and while I appreciate the premise I would caution that too much automation on your profiles can lead to alienating your audience.  Quotes, special holidays, funny days that are celebrated are always fine to pre-plan and to repost.  On twitter, it’s good to repost most of your posts.  Do it on Facebook too often and people will stop paying attention to your profile and your numbers will drop fast.

Now that your posts are planned, take a look at the articles you are sharing on your business page that is content created by someone else.   While you want to share that info, you probably also want your audience to return to your website.  Enter Start A Fire.

Every time you share someone else’s content, a little badge shows up that says “Greta Weiner Digital also recommends:   ” and two links are available for you to send them back to your own content.  I used Start a Fire for their free demo and really enjoyed it.  It’s a great concept that helps you keep your customers coming back to your site, while sharing other pertinent information with them.

Using some of these automated services, still allows for your social media to be timely, relevant and customizable, while allowing them to run on their own.

If you found this article helpful I hope you will share it with someone who might also enjoy it.

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