The Interesting Thing About Pinterest

Ok, that title is a little misleading because there are a few interesting things about Pinterest.  First and foremost is that PINTEREST MAKES SALES.
I’m not just making that up or quoting some research.  I’ve lived it.  For three years I sold jewelry online and online only. Every time I put a pin up of jewelry and one pin got shared, even if only once, I knew that piece was going to sell.  And it did.
So that is some personal experience, here’s the statistics.  Every pin generates 78 cents.  Every pin drives TWO visits  and SIX page views to your site.
Pins can be discovered up to three months after pinning.  But a pin on Pinterest signifies that the product is worth buying.
Unlike Facebook or twitter, where posts are fleeting (more so on twitter than Facebook), a pin on Pinterest can continue to grow.  And the significance of being worthy of purchase can not be underestimated.
If you are a retail outlet and you are not pinning, you are missing out.  And make sure your site is mobile friendly because 75% of pins happen on mobile.  Make sure your items  on your website can be pinned by a user to their Pinterest.
Some suggestions on how to get your pins noticed.  Don’t just pin a picture of an item with a link to buy it.  Pin something from a blog that shows how to wear that necklace with your business suit, how to use that hobby paint to make something magical, or how to take that saucepan and make the world’s greatest meal.  Popular pins are not just coveted items but ways to use that item.
And now the legal stuff.  The stats  are sourced by Piquora, 2/2013 – 10/2013.

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