The All Important Social Share

The All Important Social Share

I recently read some articles in how to get more responses to your posts on various social media., specifically shares.  The result of these articles basically was that you have to pay to play.  I wrote a blog a couple years ago how Facebook was dead for small business, because you have to pay to play.  Since then Facebook has changed their ways, easing up on some of the algorithms that monitor our feeds, but to get great shares, it still pays, to, well, pay!

And in all my years of advertising, I have never found a more cost effective way to advertise than on Facebook.  That, however is another post.

There are still some tactics that work to help get your posts shared, especially for local businesses.

Try These to Get People to Share:

Share Signs1.  Use local pictures and videos.  Appeal to your customer base by reminding them why your city (and your business) is so great.

2.  Collaborate with other local businesses and cross post.

3.  Feature your fans on your page.  Happy pictures of customers who are tagged, make more people see your post as they comment, share their pictures, and your post is seen by friends of theirs that may not have already liked your page.

4.  Build your email list.   Use the tools from iContact or Constant Contact to get more email accounts on your list, use the Call to Action button on FB.   And then use that email list to talk about new promotions.

5.   Ask for the share.  Got a particular post that is doing well?  Reshare and encourage reshares.   Got a post you definitely want to get out?  Ask your fans to share it on their timelines.

6.   Offer special promotions.  Recently a local bar and restaurant asked their fans to like, comment and/ or share their post.  Then they randomly chose a name who had liked their post, shared their post and commented on their post to win a $50 gift card.

7.  Join local groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and participate in them.

8.  And it bears repeating, not every post should be about selling your product.   Have fun with your posts, make them share worthy.

There is an art now to getting shared, and it starts with knowing who your audience is and how they share.

I found a podcast (and summary article) by Bryan Kramer, Author of Shareology:  How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy.  That explained the types of people who are on Social Media.  We’ve all seen those lists before, and they haven’t changed much.  What’s different in this podcast is how they share.  What they share.  And why.

Social Media Types and What They Share:

Different people who share1.  The Career Minded:  someone that is using social media to become a thought leader in their industry.  They share relevant information on not just their industry but also on their position (sales, accounting, management) industry.  Almost everyone on LinkedIn fits into this category but you will also find them on other social media.

2.  The Altruist:  someone that has a favorite cause and shares information about that subject all the time.  They may be political, ecological, animal welfare, etc.

3. The Boomerang:  this could be a troll, it could be a negative experience or a positive one.  This person will ask a question, not only to get a reply but to also reply back.    In a positive light, this person is actually moving your post up in visibility through the repeated comments.   If it’s a troll, they could be just using your post for their own agenda.

4.   The Connector:  This person shares to connect one person to another.  They are great  at networking and enjoy matching people up.

5.  The Hipster:  This person likes to try new things and share it before anyone else.

6.  The Selective:   This person shares very little, is very selective on what they will share.   Often this social media-ite is a lurker.   Watching, reading, reviewing but sharing very little.

It’s good to point out here, that, a person can fit into more than one category.  A blogger might be a Connector, a Hipster, and Career Minded.  It will depend on what they share, when they share it, but now….you know WHY they shared it.

Using This Knowledge to Get The Share

Hands holding signs like share, and other social media wordsKnowing certain tactics to get more shares and why people will share a post can help you with the content of that post.   Lets say you want to promote a new product.   Featuring some customers testing the product in your place in a smiling photo, plus a “give it a try” price, and making sure it’s something no one else has, will probably work well.     A post like this uses the following tactics:

  • Local people
  • Local picture
  • Special perks for fans

And the type of people who will share this post are:

  • Hipsters

And if you’re lucky:

  • The Selective
  • The Connector

I hope this blog has helped you get better at your Social Media efforts, and will garner you more shares on your posts.   And if you have found it helpful, of course, I’m going to ask for the share – please share it on your Social Media profiles.   Yes.  Even you, The Selective!  And should you find that you’d prefer someone handle all this for you, I’d be honored to have the opportunity to work with you.


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