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Greta Weiner Digital was one of the first in Albuquerque to offer social media marketing to their clients begining in 2009.  After using social media for three years and studying it from a business and marketing standpoint, Greta Weiner opened her doors in May of 2009.

Credentials / Experience
Over 25 years in advertising and marketing including:  copywriting, radio advertising, cable advertising, cable VOD advertising (long and short video formats), television advertising, television and cable internet advertising, website creating and marketing, content creation ( blogging)  and social media marketing.

What Social Media Marketing Does for You:

Connect with Customers
Social Media gives you a chance to have a conversation with your customers, more than just sending out a coupon or discount.  You can connect with them on issues that are important to them, charities they share with you, and industry news.  Starting a conversation with them on social media also gives you immediate feedback on your business, why they like your products and where you might need to improve.

Find Customers Where They Are
It may surprise you that  your customers are not in your store or on your website for over 4 hours a day.  They are however spending that amount of time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  With your business having a presence there, you can reach them when they are relaxing, searching for information, looking at recommendations or chatting with family and friends.  Social media allows you a unique opportunity to reach potential customers that other media can not offer.

Dominate a page on Google
Have you ever seen a company dominate a page in Google?  You search for something and you find their Google places / maps page, some similar listings, their website and a few Facebook posts.  One of the things your social media can do is help you dominate a Google search page by having your posts show up on a Google search as well.

Advertising online is the most effective advertising you can do as far as how many people you can reach for how much money per 1000 potential customers.  When looking at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that effectiveness is unbeatable.  You can target your customers by location, by age, by gender and similar interests.  And it’s affordable.  By specifically targeting potential customers that are just like the ones you already have, a small business can do a successful campaign for a very small investment.

woman managing social media by phone and laptop

What Social Media Marketing Managers Do:

Social Media Marketing Managers don’t just put up a pretty post for your business.  Each post is designed to elicit some sort of response, either a like, or a comment or the all important share.  Getting your post to be shared is the best way to get new customers and reach new people.

In addition they strategize on what  social media platform would be best for your business.  If you are in the clothing retail business targeting high-end women, you might find that Pinterest and Instagram work better than Twitter or Snapchat.  Your manager will know that after meeting with you and learning about your business.

Strategy for social media can include not just what to post, but when, trends that are popular, ideas that people want to see as well as any seasonal opportunities your industry might afford.

Create Profiles
If you don’t already have a profile on the desired platform, your social media marketing manager will make one for you that is designed to achieve.  There are different tips for working on the various platforms and what your profile should do.

Create Social Content
Your social media marketing manager should be creating social media content that gets shared.  You should have someone who understands your business but also understands what your audience expects to see from your business.  They can help you find videographers to create videos specifically for you and post appropriate industry news.  The graphics they create should reflect the culture of your business.

At times you’re going to want to advertise on Social Media.  Your manager should know how to do that on each platform, be able to do A/B testing and recommend dollar amounts that fit your budget but will also come through with success.

Monitor and Reply 
Don’t worry about people commenting on your page.  Your manager will be monitoring the page and replying appropriately for you.  If there is something they don’t know how to answer, then you will be contacted by phone, text, etc, however you prefer.  At that point you can reply yourself or instruct the manager how to reply for you.

Do you remember where you were when there was an attack on Charlie, the newspaper in France?  Or when a shooter targeted a country concert in Las Vegas?  You probably didn’t think about posting on Facebook on your business page.  Your social media manager should be in tune to world events and put up appropriate posts showing concern or excitement.  Be sure to let them know your favorite issues and charities so those can be included as well.

Included in the scope of work for your social media manager is getting reports from the various platforms on how your profiles are performing.  In addition to sharing those reports with you, Greta Weiner Digital includes interpretations and suggestions on changes that might need to be made moving forward, and how to build on the successes you already have.

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