wordcloud (3)Social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have collided.  In a good way.

If you are a keyword maven, this might not be good news for you.  But if you are a content marketer or a social media marketer, there is good news from Google.

Google is getting so smart, that it can read your website.  As one publisher commented “Google is very good at figuring out what your site is about and no longer wants to be told.”  (Link below to the article).

Google is now considering what you are putting on your website as a way of ranking you.  It’s also now considering hashtags and social media posts.

What this means to you is you no longer need to struggle to figure out how to include a bunch of keywords into your content, and make it make sense to a human being.  Just make it make sense.

It also means that a lot of the practices that some people used to “fool” Google will definitely not work.  In the past, you could use tons of links, and tons of keywords to bump your site up.  Google would then come out with a new algorithm that would prevent this.  Then all the SEO people would find news ways to fool Google.  These black hat practices often when discovered by the search engines, were detrimental to your site in the long run.  Black hat practices lead to black listing.

Now Google is saying, just write content and we’ll decide.  (Though I’m sure that people will find a new way to fool Google and Google will come out with a new way to foil their plans).

Back on subject….  Keywords are still important.  If you have a fishing site, you really shouldn’t be writing about technology and vice versa.  The keywords that are relevant to your site should still be found in the content.  But you do not have to twist yourself up in knots trying to figure out new ways to insert them into your next blog post.

Your efforts on social media will now help you even more than they did before.  Since Google is searching posts and  hashtags, one new change at Facebook is important.  You can now use and search hashtags on Facebook.  If you aren’t incorporating them, now is a good time.  #hashtagsaregoodforseo

And there is added emphasis by Google on the posts you put up. The more posts that relate to your site, your business, your industry, the better.  It’s nice to see all your efforts are now being included by Google.

And what this also means is that if you have two different agencies or departments who handle your online marketing, one for SEO and one for Social Media…….you might want to find an agency that does both.  You should consider merging the two departments if they are your own staff.  Perhaps put them under one umbrella – online content marketing.

Want to see where I pulled that quote from?  Here’s link to a great article on the new changes:  Keywords, Hashtags and Hummingbird OH MY


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