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Here’s an example of a blog I’ve written for  (Click the link to go straight there).

Working with Bocotek, we had a couple of goals to reach with this blog.  We needed to make it long enough for Google to recognize it, populate it with keywords that made sense and didn’t seem like repetition for keyword sake, and we needed it to be conversational and easy to read.  Of course it also had to make the subject matter easy to understand.  That’s Bocotek’s  overall purpose as a tech company – to make tech easy for people to use, understand and keep secure.

In addition, this blog also takes advantage of a list like feature which many readers on the web clamor for.

Here’s the first couple of paragraphs if you didn’t want to click thru….

"Search" buttonGoogle:  It’s not Just for Search Anymore

If you are still using google only for searching for stuff using your laptop, you are missing out on so much more.

There’s so many things you can do with Google Apps and they are free! (Until you run out of storage, but that’s another discussion).  In this blog we’ll be talking about the most frequently used Google Apps for business.

  1. Google Drive.

Google Drive is where all the Google apps live and where you can access them from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.   All you need is a gmail address and log in.  When you are already signed in to google, You’ll see that Gmail pops up and a little grey icon of nine squares.  That icon, those nine squares, are your all access pass to everything Google.

  1. Google Docs.

Here you can create, edit, and collaborate on documents and store them in a place where they won’t get lost.  You can create surveys, spreadsheets, word documents.   You can save documents you have already created.  You can share them with other people.   When you share them you can decide whether to allow that person to only view the document or if they can edit it.  Those invited to edit the doc can all be on at the same time and you can see each other’s changes…..

If you’d like to read the rest, here’s the link again: 

The key words were Google Apps, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Bocotek.  The length is 500 words.  And hopefully it’s easy to read.

A 500 word blog.  Why?   It’s the minimum that Google likes to see to consider your content and to be optimized for the web.  But I think it’s also reader friendly.  Many people won’t read more than 500 words on the internet, no matter the device.

When it comes to blogs, or the internet in general, people want to get the information they need and get on with life.  It’s why it’s best to be on the first page of Google, why news stories put their best information in the first three paragraphs, why lists of 10 items is popular and why, 500 word blogs work well.

Tell me.  What do you think?




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