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I had another client requesting a blog. They hadn’t had any new blogs or new content on dentistry on the site since January of 2014!  Dentists is one category in Google that is highly competitive.  Having new content on a regular basis is one way to climb your way up the ladder to end up on the front page of Google.

My client, Smile Center Orlando is launching a new payment plan at the dentist office, and wanted to market it to their customers.  The payment plan was going to be marketed on the site, in the blog and in print collateral materials – brochures and what not.  The plan was a low monthly payment that covered preventative care and gave discounts on elective or cosmetic procedures.

Combining the idea of marketing the new payment plan with needing  general dentistry content, I created a blog for Smile Center Orlando that explained why preventative care could keep you healthier in the long run, and how the payment plan offered discounts for other care.

Samples from the blog:

smile blog pictureWhy a Smile Center Orlando Loyalty Program?

You find yourself without dental insurance for whatever reason. Maybe your company doesn’t offer it, maybe it’s not in the budget. You’re not alone, over 100,000 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. And it’s the number one reason people don’t go for appointments. That’s why Dr. John Altomare and his staff at Smile Center Orlando has a new loyal patient program to help with costs. 

. . .

It’s easy to sign up!

Just call, come visit or click on our website. You can fill out a quick form through the website or we will be happy to help you in the office or on the phone. Programs start at just $35 a month for adults and $25 a month for kids.

. . .

In addition to benefiting your wallet, the program benefits your health.

Tooth decay is the most prevalent dental health risk. And the most preventable. Most people don’t think much about having a cavity. Did you know that every cavity you have makes you at risk for more? A decayed tooth can grow into a continuous painful problem.

 . . .

To read the full blog, click here to go to Smile Center Orlando’s website.

How it will work

Good content marketing in a blog, is not only easy to read, but also is over 300 words, contains the keywords for search engine optimization and links out.  Other considerations are to make the content informative, useful to the reader of the site, and to source any quoted text or research.  And of course the blog should reflect the business of the site.  In other words, a blog on dentistry, for a dentist, as opposed to gift wrapping or something unrelated.

This blog written for Smile Center Orlando linked out to the payment plan page that is actually hosted by the processing company.  The key words were preventative care, teeth, and payment plan.  The blog is over 500 words and according to Flesch reading test is okay to read.  The blog explains how preventative care can stop serious illnesses and is sourced by the CDC and Mayo Clinic.

I’d like to thank Dr. John Altomare and Smile Center Orlando for the opportunity to help them market their business online.   The blog was posted 7/10/15, so I will have to keep you updated on the progress for this website.  

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