People Shop Mobile More & First

I just updated myself on three mobile articles.  I learned something so I thought I’d share with you.  There are three takeaways.
Mobile First.   Since our smart phones are always around us, people reach for them first and all information gathering and shopping starts there.  Be sure you have a great mobile site and if you need one, a great mobile app.
Retail Associates have to be better than the website or app.  A survey of shoppers show that when they are in the store, they access the web for pricing and information but are more likely to buy from a knowledgeable sales rep.  They also expect that rep to help them check out faster.  If your sales associates on the floor can do that, you’ll have a great holiday season.  If they can not, your sales may be hurting.  With a good sales associate, shoppers are less likely to buy using the app.
Use all digital mediums.  The old adage that advertising and marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum is still true.  Don’t just rely on mobile.  People now spend more time on the internet than TV (5 hours a day).  Explore video ads, social posts, social ads, social video ads, as well.  People spend more time on Social media online than anywhere else.  And they use their phones to do it.   Look at all the ways digital advertising and marketing can help you and evaluate each one for your business or industry.

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