Optimization Becomes Strategy

The best thing about Search Engine Optimization these days is that you no longer are counting keywords and using tactics, but now strategy is needed.  Google searches ( no pun intended) to constantly update their algorithms to “read” websites as a human would.  To best guess what it is that we’re looking for and to give us the most relevant results.

As a marketer, this takes the duties of SEO out of the hands of the computer guys and puts it back into the hands of a marketer.  Things that are now going to increase your rise in the search engine are content, social media and authorship.strategy-chess


Going forward into the next year, what you can do today to make your site better is create fresh content.  Write some articles that are over 2000 words in length.  Google deems someone with that much to say as an expert.  But write some short content as well, around the 500 word mark.  This will give you better visibility on mobile.  Google also likes mobile friendly sites.

Make your content current and fresh.  Re-posting content, either from your own posts or someone else’s is a good way to get Google to ignore your site and can be detrimental to your ranking.  DO NOT buy content that will be the same  – word for word – on another site.

Social Media

While you are writing content, write some for social media.  Google is now weighing your posts and popularity in Social Media as they decide who rises to the top.  And the fact that written content, rather than a link, on a Social Media post is more effective for likes and sharing, dovetails nicely into an overall strategy.

Don’t just work towards likes on your Social Media, but work on shares.  Not only will sharing your content get you more likes and ultimately more branding, but will also add a few points to your ranking.

Also utilize Google Plus.  It stands to reason that if Google is ranking you and one of the things they rank you on is Social Media, you might want to play the game and make G+ one of the social media places that you cultivate.  Make sure you are active in all the places that are important for your industry and important to your customers.


Its a small distinction between content and authorship.  But be mindful of it.  Google is looking to you / your site to be an expert.  Sharing someone else’s content will fill the content requirement.  Creating and owning that content yourself, is what is going to give you authorship and expertise in their eyes.  Be sure to be the author of your posts.

And a great tool that I’m going to throw in here under Authorship is being a guest blogger.  This allows for legitimate links to your site back and forth from the site that offers you a guest spot.  Linking has always been important to Google, but now those links need to be connected to your expertise.

I’m excited for this time in digital marketing.  I had seen the power of websites and the internet before I even got my first and very own computer.  All along the search for information,  and the finding of that information should have been rewarded to the sites that actually HAVE the best information.  Digital marketing now, is less about tricking Google and more about, MARKETING.

It’s a mind shift for those who have been plying their trade.  But for those of us who were crafting our strategies, it’s a welcome shift, in the right direction.

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