Marketing and Technology

Marketing and Technology

Are you crazy about your iPhone or Android?   Have you replaced your desktop, laptop, book, with a tablet or big huge phone yet?

If you have, you’re behind the technology.  Enter wearables.   Forget that big phone or tablet, where’s your  watch?   And coming soon:  forget needing  a screen, wear your bracelet and have all your technology at your fingertips…. on your skin.

Wearable technology is a thing and it’s growing and will continue to grow.  

Check out the Cricet Bracelet.

As technology morphs and becomes more a part of us, literally, how does marketing keep up?

Marketing through Technology

Basic marketing concepts still work.

1.   Have a unique selling proposition
2.  Know your audience.
3.  Reach your audience.

But how we do them has vastly changed.

Unique Selling Proposition

Having a unique selling proposition is way more than answering the question “How are you different from your competition?”  How will you differentiate yourself from your competition is one thing but what about the competition for the same dollars?    And not just dollars!   How will you differentate from your competition on time spent with your product?

Let’s take a movie theaters for instance.   They don’t just compete with each other for entertainment dollars.   They compete with casinos,  concerts, even Chuck E Cheese.

They compete for screen time.   They compete with YouTube, Cable television, online streaming services, network television and more.

Think about your product.   What does it compete with for usage value?  And what does it compete with for time values?

downloadAnd how does your answer translate on a billboard, on a television screen, at the movie theater, on a laptop, a tablet , a phone and now, get that big message on to a teeny tiny watch.

Know your audience.

It’s great to know if your product reaches men or women, baby boomer or millenniel.  And maybe you know some psychographics as well.  They’re more active, soccer moms, healthly living.

Do you know how they use their media?  Are they on Facebook?  And when?  Do they tweet?  When do they watch TV, in real time or  delayed viewing?   Do they subscribe to commercial free television with cable or online?   Do they read magazines? Do email campaigns reach them?

Do they own wearable technology?

Now you have your unique selling proposition, you know what that is based on usage and time, you know your audience likes and dislikes, how do you translate your message to that medium they have chosen, and remember that media might be a 1×1 inch square on their arm.  Or it might be a tiny little billboard on a smart phone.

Reach your audience.

tablet-hunchRight about now, you are catching on that if you can answer all the previous questions, you are better armed with the knowledge to reach your audience.  But there is still so much more to consider.

Let’s take the cricet bracelet shown above in the video.  How will your message, written to show your value to your audience look on various skin colors?

If you’ve learned that you need to do mobile and television advertising, how does that play out?  Video?  Gif?

Which websites do they go to, how many social media platforms do they belong to, when are they watching television and checking their email?

Technology Fractured the Audience

Years ago, advertising became very fractured.   There suddenly were hundreds of television stations instead of 3 to 5.   There were 40 radio stations as opposed to 5 or 6.

Technology is fracturing marketing and advertising again.  The internet is infinite.   And soon, so are the ways and devices we use to harness it.  Traditional media have suffered but hasn’t yet died.

And to really throw a wrench in the works, Word of Mouth still works.  And it works really well.   And with email and Social Media, that Word of Mouth is magnified to the nth degree.

And don’t forget that in addition to marketing, advertising and selling to your new customers, you need to retain and up sell your current ones.

It can be quite confusing to a local businesses how they should market themselves and where they should advertise themselves.  Throw in new technology, like a bracelet that projects your tablet onto your skin, and it’s easy to see why you might want to throw in the towel.

My advice to my clients is to really listen and learn.  If you know the answers to all the questions asked above, a couple of choices will become clear to you.  And use those avenues until they stop working for you.

And answer the questions often.  Because people adopt new technology as fast as they can create it.  Answer the questions and find your new path before the old ones stop working.

I realize that today I have given you more questions than answers, but it’s the questioning that keeps you current and relevant and viable to be in business tomorrow, next year, and the next decade.




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