How Good is that Content Service?

Automated Content is Trite.

Did you learn a few years back that a blog on your site helps move you through the ranks on Google?  So you purchased a service for $400 a month and they add content to your blog and post a little on social media for you.

Ever wonder why that content is  not making you rise to the top?

cookie cutter contentGoogle knows.  It’s scary, but they KNOW!   Google can tell if your content is a cookie cutter blog that has been sold many times over to several others in your industry.  Maybe they offered you some sort of exclusivity in your market.  Maybe the didn’t.  Doesn’t matter.  Google can tell if it has “read” the same content before.  And especially if it’s over and over and over.

Most people have fired their content companies, if they are still practicing under this plan because Google wants fresh content.  Not duplication.  The new buzz word is Unique Content.

So.  What is Unique Content?


It’s content created for your site,  that can’t be found anywhere else.  This doesn’t mean that the ideas you are writing about haven’t been expressed before.  For example a brand new plastic surgeon is probably going to want a blog about what it’s like to get a face lift.  That’s been done before.  But the content written for this doctor is not plagiarized.  It was created for that blog, for that doctor at that time.

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten
Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten

You don’t have to be as unique as a rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten.  If you are, you might win the internet, but you don’t have to be, to win at Google.


This also means if it adds value to your blog, you can take a video, or a quote from an author, or even a snippet from Wikipedia, and add it to your blog.  The trick to this is to ensure that you’re not just posting a piece of someone else’s work, but using it to enhance your work or enhance the reader’s experience / knowledge.

Adding value is the nuance to Google’s algorithms.  For example you’ll see that I will be adding some sample blogs to my site.  Instead of just copying it word for word from the client’s site, or just linking to it, what I’ve done is make a case study out of it.   So while the blog I wrote for the client, brings value to their customers, my customers might not see any value.  But to see why it was written the way it was written is of value to those that follow my marketing advice.


Don’t feel that you can’t share your blog either.  Putting it on twitter or Facebook isn’t going to devalue the content in Google.  And in some cases it can help.  Linking out to other’s content that you have used, giving the sources for the information you read and digested to write the blog, also help.   The more people who link to your content, the more you link out, the more Google has trust in your site.  Trust that you know what you are talking about, that you are giving props where due, and people are finding it useful.

So you don’t have to sweat your blog content.  You don’t need to get bogged down in the do’s and don’ts.  What you need to express in your content, is the same thing that your customers want from you.  Information on why you are unique, why you can be trusted, and that you give good value.

Hire me.

If you feel that it’s still all too much, hire me.   I’ll write your blog / content, keeping in mind the office culture in your business, your “voice”, and all that Google wants to have it succeed.

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