Helpful Ideas for Creating Content

11954322131712176739question_mark_naught101_02.svg.medFor those of us who love to write, creating content isn’t usually a problem.  We get writer’s block,  sure.  We find ways around it.

It can be hard to come up with ideas for your Social Media, Emails and Blogs.  Don’t fall back on what everyone does…sharing links, quotes, coupons and cartoons.  Don’t let that question from Facebook – “What’s on your mind?” – intimidate you!   Here’s some ideas that help sell your business, without being “salesy”.


Surely you give advice in your business all day long.  How about sharing that on the web? Careful, don’t make it legal advice or medical advice!   But if you are a clothing store, share some advice on how to put together an outfit to make yourself look slimmer.  If you are a service professional, how about some advice that will save people money?  Are you a restaurant?  What about giving out a recipe or talking about special pairings of food and wine or even spices that you normally wouldn’t mix together.

Advice is one of the reasons people use your business, for your wisdom in your industry.  Share a little of it so that they want to come to you for more.


Sharing your corporate culture with people online can help cement loyalty.  Are you sponsoring a community event?  Did something silly just happen in the office?  Are you celebrating something?  Maybe you’re squealing with delight over a new piece of equipment.

Let them see you all geeked out!   Let them know real people work at your business, real things happen.  Let them know your employees enjoy their work.  Tell them how the one thing you thought was a huge mistake turned out to be a prize winning idea!

People like doing business with people who love their jobs.

Case Studies

Do you have a great story about how your business really helped someone?  Or maybe you went above and beyond.  Share it !  I remember the general manager of a restaurant telling a story at an event regarding customer service.  Someone was upset that they picked up their call in order but did not get their tortillas.  It was a 30 minute drive back to the restaurant.  The General Manager himself, got in the car and drove the tortillas out to the happy customer.

I don’t eat at that restaurant.   But I will remember his story and try it out the next time I need a New Mexican fix!  And that would be a GREAT blog post or post on LinkedIn.

What stories do you have to tell?  People want to know stories of success.


Are their things happening in the news that affect your business or businesses like yours?  Do you have a point of view on the effect it will have?     Go ahead and share it.  You’ll want to be positive and informative.  Stay away from controversial (unless controversial IS your business).

Here’s an example:

A famous Food Network star was less than complimentary about Frito Pie in Santa Fe.  WHAT?  WHO DOESN’T LIKE FRITO PIE?  A great post would have been, “Here at our business, we want Anthony Bourdain to know, we love Frito Pie, Green Chile and New Mexico!”

Did you hear about the man who was kicked off the plane because his service dog couldn’t sit still for a few hours on the tarmac?  Were you outraged?

How ’bout posting this:  “in light of the recent events by the airline, in our business, we are stocking up on dog treats to let you know all service dogs are welcome here.”

Testimonials and Reviews

Some of the best marketing comes from word of mouth.  Share your testimonials and reviews everywhere you can.  Be sure you have permission to share.

Be grateful for the kind words, and thank them online.  Your customer will be proud to see themselves in print and the customers reading the words, will be glad to hear the praise.  And appreciate that you thanked your customer.

Some advice:  not only should you get permission to use the review / testimonial but you should also get permission to change it.  You might need to clean up their spelling, fix their grammar, or shorten the review to fit in a post that demands 136 characters.

I hope I’ve sparked some ideas for you and got the creative juices flowing.   I welcome comments from you on more ideas.  What do you have to share?

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