Generation Z – Quick Takeaway

Generation Z – Quick Takeaway

Thank God.   Seriously.   I like this Generation. Forget all the quirkiness you know about the Millennials. Generation Z is a refreshing change.

Here’s some quick info on what Gen Z is all about:

They want to find their dream job, but being financially stable is their main aspiration.  They know that the millennials have a bad reputation and they want to be known for working hard and being able to communicate in person, specifically with older adults.

They are risk averse, practical and realistic.  They’ve learned from their Gen X parents and while they have an entrepreneurial reputation, it’s not out of a desire to make it rich but out of necessity of being employed.

What has formed this practical practice among Generation Z is that they have grown up post 9/11.   They have never known a time when the US was not at war.   They also have been through a long recession / depression and aren’t used to boom spending.

Generation Z at workThey don’t have a 8 second attention span, they have an 8 second filter.  What does that mean?  Generation Z has grown up with the internet, social media, apps and more.  They process so much information on a daily basis.  They know that information is limitless but their time is not and so they expect to get what they need in those quick 8 seconds.

They also are very aware of social media, heavy users of it, but do not want to be defined by it.  Generation Z wants to make a distinction between their personal use of social media and building a professional brand for themselves.   And they are brand managers extraordinaire.

Generation Z is also more independent and solution-oriented,  having been raised at a time when single parents,  blended families and divorce is common.  They are more racially diverse.   They are open-minded, having lived through gay marriage becoming law, a two term black president and have tackled bullying online and on the playground.

Thinking of marketing to Generation Z?

Generation Z Tech SavvyThink about putting them in charge.   Think about online shopping.  They prefer customizable apps, and personal online shoppers.  They are less likely to go to the Mall and more likely to belong to several shopping sites.

Generation Z are acutely attuned to being “sold” and can tune you out quickly.  Once you have them, they tend to be loyal.  Price can be a way to break in to their mindset, with three for two coupons, but will not be enough to garner loyalty.  They love to create and design and personalize, so items with these options will appeal to them.  And it should be seamless, easy, and quick.  If shopping is too difficult, if check out is to cumbersome, you will lose the sale.




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