Five LinkedIn No Nos

Five LinkedIn No Nos

The more time I spend on LinkedIn the more I find it useful for making connections and learning new things to help me as an entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, the more I tune into LinkedIn the more I see inappropriate practices on the network.  It inspired me to create this list of LinkedIn No No’s.

nonoWith Social Networks, a lot of emphasis is placed on “Social”.   People share social items, belief systems, politics, pictures of their kids, inspirational quotes, funny comics, and more.  Some of these types of posts may not be appropriate for LinkedIn.   If you are looking to be hired, either as an employee or as a business vendor, the first place people look for you is on LinkedIn.   What will they find there?

Five LinkedIn No Nos

  1.  Religion.  They old rule stand, never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table.   Substitute business or LinkedIn.  There are of course exceptions to this rule.  That would be if you work for a religious organization and religion is your livelihood.
  2. Politics.  Anyone surprised that number two is Politics? Why would you post anything about politics on a professional profile?  If your company wouldn’t post it, you shouldn’t either.  Again exceptions would be if you are a candidate or work for a political party or lobby.  I was shocked the other day to find someone had not only posted a political picture but one that discriminated against a particular group!
  3. Cartoons.   Everyone loves a good laugh.  And if your cartoon pertains to your industry or is about life in the work place great.  But don’t share cat cartoons or bad jokes on LinkedIn, unless you are a comedian or work for Animal Humane.
  4. Inflammatory posts.  Don’t put down your competition.   You might want to share an article where the media has not painted them in a good light, but posts written by you trashing your competition will not do you any good.  Did you get fired?  It’s not smart either to post how horrible your boss was.   Save these types of outbursts for happy hour with friends.
  5. Parties or Partying.   There have been several news stories in the last few years about how pictures online last forever.  If your party is not a business gathering – networking event, company anniversary, open house – it doesn’t belong on LinkedIn.

Need some helpful guidelines?   If you have ever worked for a large corporation, consider LinkedIn to be that corporations human resource department.  If it’s something you’ve put up at your cubicle that HR would make you remove, it doesn’t belong on LinkedIn.  If it’s against your employee handbook, it doesn’t belong on LinkedIn.  If it’s not something you would say to your grandma, it doesn’t belong on LinkedIn,

So if you are looking for some ways to be active on LinkedIn but you’re not sure what to do, try posting your favorite quote.  LinkedIn is one of the few places where its ok to toot your own horn.  So go ahead, tell people you busted through your sale goals, or your product got a high peer rating.  Are you a consultant?  Give some free advice.   Got a company blog?  Share the latest post.

shareAnd of course, if you have found this post helpful, please share it!  On LinkedIn or wherever you feel appropriate!

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