Facebook’s New Ads

Once Facebook started allowing ads in the middle of the news feeds, the ads along the right column (rail), started to lose effectiveness.

Facebook is now addressing that problem by making the ads larger.  The photos associated with the ad will also be larger.  They will be the same size as the photo’s allowed in the news feed.   Early testing shows that they are more efficient in click thrus.

Source:  Facebook

Since the ads will be larger there will be fewer of them.   Depending on your screen settings, if you now see seven ads in the right column, you will see three or four.   If you currently see just three ads there, you will see one or two.

The new ads roll out at the end of this month.

Photo source:  Advertising Age


Currently there is a lot of demand for the right rail ads, I can only imagine that will increase with their size.  With an increase in demand, and fewer slots you can also expect the costs to increase.

Speaking of costs, Facebook’s advertising has increased in the last few years.  Gone are the days when you could spend $15 and get over 300,000 impressions.  I recently did a campaign and the cost per impression (how many people see the ad) was about $5.  The cost per click thru was about $2.50.


Now $15 probably isn’t that great of a test, but I know that Facebook does try to reach the same goals for every advertiser regardless of the cost, so I feel good about using these numbers to share with you.

The effectiveness of this ad is still better than most mediums, and it only makes sense that the costs would increase since Facebook is ever growing in popularity.    It will be interesting to see in the future how the new sizes and fewer placement affects the efficiency in addition to the cost of the ads.
I’ll be keeping an eye on it for you!

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