Facebook Says Pay To Play

You may have noticed in the past couple months that your posts on your Facebook Business Page have been seen by fewer people.

PayToPlayFacebook has tweaked their site to make this happen on purpose, admittedly.  The idea is that if someone has liked your page, ages ago, and has not re-visited it, or clicked on any of your posts, then they must not be that connected to your brand / business.

This makes it harder for small businesses that may not have the advertising budget to purchase Facebook advertising on an on-going basis.  In some cases, viewership of posts have declined 89%.

So what can you do to make your page vital and thriving again?

Make your content irresistible.  Content that gets shared wins the day.  Become more important to your audience.

Leverage your employees.  Are they a true believer in your brand?  Let them create some posts and make sure they share share share them.

Leverage your fans.  Early on in Facebook, we saw fan fanatics that often would post and comment on everything.  Harness those fans.  Make them guest posters, encourage them to share content.   Listen to them.

Advocacy.  Pick up a cause and run with it.  Be sincerely interested in the cause and do something that will really help the cause.  Any whiff of it being a marketing ploy, and your dead in the water.  Nothing spreads like wildfire through social media like championing  an important cause.

Incorporate other channels.  Use other social media outlets and email to encourage people to share content.  Encourage them to do so.  For example, many people have Pinterest linked to their Facebook.   Every time they pin something it goes to Facebook.

Remember why you started social media in the first place.  You want people to your website, to your phone number, to your business to drive sales.  Use your website more, with better content.  Start that blog.  Write often.

And, if you can afford it and find Facebook to be a good lead for business, see if you can budget for advertising.

Also, as goes Facebook, so goes the rest.  Know that pay to play will be a model adopted by other social media going forward.   The most important and best advice, is always “Content is King”.  If you are providing information that people want and need, they will continue to see your content.



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