Facebook is Mainstream, Not Dead

Facebook is Mainstream, Not Dead

I read a lot of articles.  A lot!  Most are about why social media isn’t working, how Facebook is dying and Snapchat is the way to go.  WIth 93% of adults around the world using  at least one social media account, its understandable that what is new and shiny might capture some attention.

Facebook like button on computer keyboardHowever – 

Facebook is not dead.   It is not failing.  Facebook is no longer just for kids,  it’s mainstream.  It’s HUGE.  It’s matured.  It’s twelve years old!

Seven years ago, I set about becoming a Facebook expert, and social media maven.  And Zuckerberg’s platform has not let me down yet.  Facebook is a juggernaut.  And it seems that once a year, I need to write an article reminding people that Facebook is not dead.

Facebook by the Numbers

All of the statistics on membership and usage of social media in this article, are from a recent survey by GlobalWebIndex of adults from all around the world.

  • 84% of all online adults are on Facebook, and counting Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp, the Facebook brand can boast a huge 47% as active  users
  • 54% of Facebook users are on Facebook more than once a day
  • 64% of active users hit the “like” button in the last month
  • 50% of active users watched a video in the last month
  • 48% of active users used messenger in the last month
  • 46%  of active users commented on a friends photo in the last month
  • 46% of active users read an article on Facebook’s platform in the last month

Facebook by Age

Many people think Facebook is old.   Taken over by moms and grandmas.  The truth is that Mom and Grandma are just catching on.   Facebooks demographics are fairly evenly spread out among several age groups.

24%    16 – 24 year olds
28%    25-34 year olds
22%    35-44 year olds
26%    45 and up

Why Pick On Facebook?

So why does it seem that Facebook just isn’t performing well?   Well, like any media that has matured, social media has become a little fragmented.   Adults have up to 6.3 social media accounts (don’t ask me how you get a .3 of an account, I do not know).  Adults are active on 3.5 of them.

social media iconsSo Facebook has company, now.  Yet compared to YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr, Facebooks stats are still higher for usage and membership.

Facebook is smart.   They want to make money on your advertising, so they do perform a little less than they used to.  Cost per click on Facebook is still hovering around 75 cents based on the campaigns I have run for my clients.  The national average for CPC is $1.58.  Impressions can still be bought for around $3 CPM again based on campaigns I have run for my clients.  This number is very competitve and/or lower than the national average of $12 on websites and $1-4 for social media sites.

Did we just get used to Facebook being so cheap and so effective?   Probably.  So we’re whining that it cost more to be effective on Facebook, yet it’s still one of the most effective places to place your money.

Don’t worry.  Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Other Social Media Stats

Here are some other interesting stats from the GlobalWebIndex study.

60% of online adults claim having a YouTube membership
80% visit at occasionally



12% of online adults are on Pinterest
Pinterest also has 12% of online adults being considered active users
16% visit more than once a day


twitter_circle_color-51248% of online adults are on Twitter, 22% of which are active users
27% of Twitter users  are on at least on once a day.
On Twitter,  36% of active users read a news story
31% logged on but did not post or comment
28% watched a video
28% tweeted to a friend
28% retweeted a friend

24% of online adults are on LinkedIn
13% are considered active users
13% visit LinkedIn more than once a day

Want more GlobalWebIndex?  Here’s their blog.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook is Mainstream, Not Dead

  1. Hey Greta,

    I believe that the latest news about Facebook being in decline comes from those who want to rely on the organic / free reach, which I’m sure you know is declining. In my experience, organic almost never really means “free” whether you’re talking about Google search results or Facebook reach. Somebody needs to feed the content beast and that somebody comes at a cost.

    And yes, I’m sure that to some extent, the fact that many business owners are actually getting familiar with Facebook means they are getting bored with it. Something you glossed over that I think is really important for your clients to realize is that Facebook’s advertising platform is proving to be very effective (at both generating leads and customers and at an affordable cost) and there are many ways to use it that would prevent boredom from even the most rigorous student. In addition to the most common news feed ads, there are carousel ads, there are video ads and now there are Instagram ads (which is owned by Facebook).

    I agree with you that Facebook is far from dead. Zuck has recently publicized two platforms Facebook is embracing, video and virtual reality.
    “Zuckerberg: We are betting on two trends. First that people will always want more immersive ways to express themselves. So if you go back ten years ago on the internet, most of what people shared and consumed was text. Now a lot of it is photos. I think, going forward, a lot of it is going to be videos, getting richer and richer.”

    Zuck makes me more confident he knows what he’s doing than do the owners of other social media networks such as twitter and Snap Chat.

    If I were a Bocotek client, I would want to learn how to become MORE effective with Facebook because it’s highly unlikely they are even scratching the surface.

    1. Gary,
      Thank you so much for your insights. I believe one of the reasons Facebook ads are effective is the ability to scale the audience – you can go as high as a television buy, or as small as a podcast audience. And with targeting, Facebook has very little waste.

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