Doing it Better

I read some statistics from Sprout Social, that companies are waiting 10 – 15 hours to reply to fans and followers on Social Media.   I find that appalling.  You don’t let the phone ring more than three rings.  You answer emails and voicemails in two hours, or at least you try to don’t you?

And the other statistic was that 20% or less of the posts and questions got replies.  That means 80% or more are ignored.

become-better-sign1This is a great chance for you to outshine your competition.  So, here are some tips on how to Social Media better, including some advice on replying to posts.

Reply to Posts

Now that we know other companies aren’t doing it, let’s all promise to seek out and reply to our fans and followers.  Need some help?  Get some employees to help you scout out the posts and questions.  And answer them as fast as you can.  Definitely under 10 hours.  Answer more than 20% of them.  Go for all of them if you can.  You will definitely outshine not only your competitors but most of the companies on the web!

In addition, be sure to answer requests for help on Social Media first, fast, and friendly.    Companies that do end up doing better than their peers.  Always think about helping rather than selling.

Do More Than Just Reply – Acknowledge, Encourage, Recognize!

Someone tells you that you did a good job?  Thank them.    Someone posted a picture on your post, tell them “Nice pic!”.   Someone offers a suggestion?  Let them know you hear them.

Need an example of a great strategy?  Starbucks encouraged their social media followers to post pictures of their “Sip Face”.   Then they posted ALL OF THEM on

That little acknowledgement goes a long way towards making you stand out from other companies and keeps your fans and followers engaged.

Make Someone Happy, Just One Person Happy

Go above and beyond.  Give out free tips and information that you might share with a paying customer or client.  Share the stories of how you’ve gone the extra mile.    Share happy news in your company or office.  Spread the joy!   Or, just put up something fun and free!   Don’t forget that social media is SOCIAL.   Everyone likes a great conversationalist and happy topics.  So start talking!


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