Death and Facebook

Having lunch today with a couple of smart marketers, we talked a little bit about what  discovering someone you that  know has died through Facebook postings feels like.


We talked about how it draws you in, to read every post that other’s have left almost like a virtual wake but less like an online guestbook.  And we talked about how eerie it feels to see that name pop up months or years later as,   “So and So likes this product”.  Or to see their picture and name under  “People You May Know’.

And my friend Vincent said that we are probably the last generation to feel this way.  For it to be unexpected and odd, and eerie.

The generations coming up behind us will celebrate life and death on social media and not know it was any other way.

The great part is that we really can keep someone’s memory alive through these sites, and posts.  But the sad part is the twinge of pain you get when you see them recommending a page, or as someone you may know.

It makes you wonder, if Social Media will adapt to death.  Will we now see these as recommendations of People You Used to Know or the late great John recommends this page.

How do you feel about it?  Do you like that those who have left this earth too soon are still “living” in a Facebook profile?  Comment below.

Just some musings on those who have departed, and how we miss them.  I think I’ll dedicate this blog post to Sue.  To Sue Raybon.  A true lady, great friend and role model.  To you SueBee.  To you.

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