University of Missouri – Bachelors of Journalism

mizzou-logoConsistently rated the top journalism school year after year since it’s inception in the 1800’s.


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Radio Experience:
10 years in radio sales including copywriting, creating promotions, management and being on air.  Includes training college students in the radio industry at WPGU, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Television Experience:
4.5 years in the cable industry, including selling video on demand.

Internet Credentials:

2 years selling websites, including helping with customer service, copywriting, and navigation of the pages.

5 years selling advertising, creating promotions, creating feature stories, training sales reps to sell internet news websites and management at two news websites.

Studied Social Media for 2 years before being one of the first in Albuquerque to offer Social Media Creation and Management to local businesses in 2009.

4 years working with local companies that specialize in the web and technology, including a local news entertainment media, a social media / SEO platform, and IT Management Services.

Writing Samples (click to read)

Young female hands on keyboardABQ Free Press March 11, 2015 Page 22
Smile Center of Orlando Blog
Bocotek Blog Sample  (have written extensively for them)
Theater Review
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