What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the practice of using content on your website to explain what you do for a living to potential customers.  It also is used to create interest in your business in new customers.  And most importantly content marketing is used to encourage search engines to list you hire on the pages where you want to be found.

If you are an expert in your field, customers (and Google) want to know and see that on your website.  The more complex the services or product that you offer the more important this information is on your site.  The information should be written to illicit a response – to make people contact you  regarding your service or product.  Consider this content as important as or perhaps more important than what you would put on a sales piece or brochure.

The way most people find your website is through a search engine.  Usually Google.   Google has algorithms in their system that help people find what they are looking for.  By knowing these algorithms (or rules) and using them in the construction of your content, you can increase the chances of YOUR site, YOUR information appearing on that coveted first page.  Continue below to learn more.

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Why is Content “King”?

It used to be keywords that would drive your site to that first page in Google.  Put in the right words, use them enough and Google assumed you were the right site to move forward on the list.  Then it was keywords and links.  If you have a lot of people linking to you and you had the right words and a lot of them, then you were pushed up the ladder.  Then Google learned to read.

Google’s newest algorithms mimic the way that a person reads.  You can’t just plaster a bunch of words together anymore, ask for some links in there and  – VOILA _ now you’re on page one.  Not going to happen. Your content needs to meet new requirements and the requirements continue to change as the math gets more intricate and the algorithms get more “human”.

What does Google Want?


You’ve just read a great article.  Let’s just post it on the website and call it a day, right?  Wrong.  Google knows that article belongs to someone else.  Your content needs to be unique to you.  You may cover the very same subject as another site, perhaps a similar business three states over, but the content should be written from scratch.

What can happen if your article is word for word similar to another site is at best, it gets ignored. But why would you want it ignored, when the goal is to have new content up to help your SEO ranking?


Google also knows if your content is stale.  If the last blog post on your site is from 2016, Google knows that and considers you outdated.  The information needs to be fresh and written every month at least.  Industries that have high competition for keywords on Google should blog more often than that.  A good combination of fresh content both on our site and on social media can improve your ranking.

Relevant  (Quality)

Remember, Google can “read”.  They can tell if you have just a string of sentences pulled together or if the information you are offering is actually usable to your audience.  If your site is all about widgets, a blog on trees or furniture isn’t going to help you.  If your site is about widgets, you should blog about widgets, why to use them, how they make life better, what’s the best widget to buy, where to put your widgets and more.

Other SEO requirements:  Photos, links, keywords

Of course, you don’t just write new pages and put them up on the site.  Keywords are still important, this gives an idea to Google what content on the page should be important to the reader.   Likewise with your tags on the page, they too can help Google understand why your content is relevant to something someone has searched on their site.  You still need to have photos that also relate to the information on the page.  Your posts should have links that link somewhere within your site and if possible link out to somewhere else..

Other Content Marketing

Often social media posts that are highly engaging will also show up in Google.  It’s the trifecta if you can get a Facebook post, a places post and a listing all on the first page of Google.  Don’t forget to incorporate social media into your strategy.  And be sure to post your newest blogs on all your social profiles.  By sharing your blogs on social media you increase the traffic to your site, something else that google monitors.  And of course, while you’re blogging to make Google happy, ultimately you do want the blogs to be read.  Social media is a good way to send the public to your site.

Greta Weiner Digital delivers

Greta Weiner Digital writes content that keeps all these things in mind, as well as, several other smaller SEO tips that make your blog the best it can be for your audience, and your search engine goals.  Give us a call to talk about how to create fresh relatable content, choose keywords, professional photos and more.

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