Content is King…of video?

What kind of video goes viral?  One that is incredibly entertaining.  Maybe one that tugs on the heart strings.  Or one that gives you a full belly laugh. Or one that you forward saying, “I can’t believe they did this!”.

What kind of paid video goes viral?  Very few.


Why?  Marketers agree, it’s because the video is boring.

If you spend all your time, creative effort and money on a video that you hope goes viral just by existing, why wouldn’t you put the same type of work into a video whose placement is paid?

It’s something to think about for all your advertising, marketing, promotions, etc.  Put your best effort into engaging, entertaining and involving the customer.  It’s something I often tell my clients regarding their posts on Social Media.  It’s a good thing to remember for all your communication.

Be sure to always bring it!

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