Content and SEO – Again

Content and SEO – Again

Content is King

Many people have for many years now been saying that for SEO, “Content is King”.  But what does that really mean and why is so important to a B2B company?

This is a basic article, so let me spell some things out for those who are new to all of this.

SEO – search engine optimization – making your website the best it can be for success on Google and other search engines, preferably a spot on the first page.

Content – the information on your website, including pictures, picture tags, etc.   But most importantly, the text and preferably blogs.

B2B – Business To Business.  Companies that sell products / services to other businesses as opposed to the general public.

It’s great if you sell HP or Xerox items and you have the text from that item mention the brand and pictures that mention the brand.  But this will only go so far.   Remember there are only so many slots on the first page of Google.


Content and Search

As Google creates smarter algorithms, content becomes so much more important.  What search engines want on their first page, are websites that give the searcher everything they need regarding the search they just made.   To this end, the search engine will look at all those keywords and meta data and links.  But they will also look at your content.

Do you have new content?  Is the new content relative to the searcher’s needs?  Is the content unique?

If the answer to those questions – any of the three – is no, you’re going to slip down the page to other pages.

The reason this is key to B2B companies is that so much of your content is product and price.  Any competitor, in your city, in your state, in your country, in the world, carrying the same products will have the same or similar content.  How are you any different?  Why should Google move you to the top?


New content will move the needle.  Now you are different from all those other companies because you have something more recent on your site than the rest.


If a searcher is looking for a tablet to use for business, what information on your site will help them make a decision to buy and specifically buy from you?  Did you answer with a product name, or a discounted price?  Do you think they can get that same price somewhere else?

relevantContent.   Reviews of your service, testimonials of happy customers.  Forget free shipping what about delivery and training and service?  How about your personal review and recommendation of the product including why you use it?  These are things you can’t put in a product description, brand name text or price.  These are the things that will make a customer comfortable with buying from you in person, and the same goes for online.   And the more Google sees that, the more Google likes your site.

As an added bonus, relevant content gets shared more often, giving you links to your website and better social media engagement!


Here is where  you CAN NOT cheat.   DO NOT pick up a review written on another website.  Do not pull text from an expert.  Because repetitive content gets ignored.   If Google sees the same article on 15 websites, it assumes the original author is the only site that counts.

See?  Original author.  Write your own content.  You can have the same ideas about the product, even share a quote or two.  But the content should be yours, authored by you to again move that needle.


Where does this new, relevant, unique content go?

I hear you.  You are too busy to be reviewing the products you have to sell.  You hate writing.  You can’t trust the receptionist to do it and the sales person rather sell than market for you.  And once it’s written, where does it go?  What do I do with it then?

Blog_(1)It goes on your blog.   I can’t even imagine a business today having a website without a blog.  Blogs are not just about your favorite recipe or what toys are great for your kid, anymore.

Blogs are where you prove your expertise, and ultimately prove you are worthy of your customers spending their dollars.

When a customer can justify spending the money with your company some crazy cool things start to happen.  They really no longer care about price.   They will recommend you in person, and online.   They will follow you on social media and share your info with others.  And the next thing you know, you have more customers.  You also have more social shares.  And more links coming to your site.

And what do you know.  Looky there.   Google moved you up.

One word of caution.   This isn’t magic.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Like growing your business, you are now growing your Google / online reputation.  That takes time.

And one personal observation.  The less “salesy” you are in your content, the more credible you seem and the more likely shares and links will happen.

I’m not a writer, I’m a business owner.

I know.   That’s why I’m here.  Or my competitors.  Or your marketing agency or service.  There are many people who will give you new content for your site.  You’ll need to weigh the service provided versus the price you will pay.

I would be honored if you chose me.

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