Changes in LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn had product and service pages for your Company page?   It was great.  You could turn your company page into a mini-website.

showcasepageBefore you go rushing rushing off to get started on your product and services pages….don’t.  LinkedIn is taking those away starting April 14th.  You can replace them with “Showcase Pages”.

Here you see I’ve created a Showcase page for my client / company.  This item rests on the right side of your company page, about halfway down.

Showcase pages aren’t the same.  You can add a logo, a thumbnail version of your logo, a picture and a description.  Unfortunately the description is smaller than a post and longer than a tweet, at 200 characters.

Your showcase page can send updates out just like your company page.

I’m torn on this actually.  I like the idea that a specific post about a specific product or service you have at your business can be sent from a page that describes the product /service.  But if someone goes to that page, they see very little.  Whereas if you sent the same update from your company page, they would come to a page that has a good amount of information and then links to your Showcase pages.

Social media stampI’ll be watching this going forward.  Especially since LinkedIn is coming into their own.  As Facebook matures and becomes less business friendly, more and more companies are turning to LinkedIn.   And it’s becoming pretty powerful for business to business marketing.  It’s no longer the place you go to update your resume and credentials online.

More good news, LinkedIn is allowing people to publish.  This morning I published my first article on LinkedIn. I like this feature.  It allows you to re-purpose your blogs and to put them in a place where your clients will be more apt to see them.  It also allows for a longer format of posting, with the capabilities of publishing.  Ever wish you could send a oost out with a bolded headline and pictures with text wrapped around it?  Publish on LinkedIn and you can.

I really like this feature, especially for people who do not have a blog or can not contribute to their company’s blog.  It’s a nice way to stand out from the crowd and show your expertise in your field.  Of course this feature is great for the company, but I see this as being very powerful for the worker bee as well.

Something else I’ll be watching moving forward.  So, it seems in Social Media these days, they giveth and they taketh away.  A couple months ago, Facebook gave you more analytics and admin abilities but took away the ease of showing up in the newsfeed.  This month, LinkedIn gives you publishing rights but takes away your robust product and services pages.

Can’t wait to see what Twitter and Pinterest do next.  LOL

As always, if you need help navigating the social media / content marketing world, don’t hesitate to contact me.   I’m here to help.




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