Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

The first month of the new year is almost over and already there are so many changes going on in the digital world.

What’s changed?

Facebook Changes- Less News More Family and Friends

Changes to family photos

While Facebook isn’t outright admitting that the news feed is changing due to Russian bots spreading fake news, changes are coming to the news feed that lower the amount of news that appears.  This new algorithm also changes branded content.  Facebook is stating that social media better affects our well-being when we use it to connect fo family and friends.  And so they will be weighing content from friends, family and groups that you belong to, heavier than those from businesses and publishers.

With these new changes, it’s hard to say what effect this will have on the content you put out from your business pages.  One way to already combat these changes is to have your family and friends share your content from your business page so that it does show up in the news feeds.  This tactic has always been useful for increasing engagement on your page, so that will not change.

Google Speed

Google in addition to all the rules Google uses to rank websites, they are adding another change, speed.  How fast your website and pages load has always been a factor in determining your ranking with Google.  Now this applies to mobile as well.  And it’s important that you pay attention to your mobile site and pages.  We’re two years in to mobile browsing surpassing browsing on computers.  These changes start July 2018.

One thing you can do today is check up on those beautiful pictures you’ve put into your content.  Re-sizing your pictures can make a page load faster without taking anything away from the beauty of the picture you have chosen.  You have until July this year to make your changes, but it’s always a good idea to make sure pages load fast, so why not start today?

What hasn’t changed?

Facebook still the biggest

You still need to have a Facebook page and you still need to make it engaging to your customers.  From eMarketer:  “Facebook is by far the top social network in the world. More than 1.54 billion people, or 62.2% of social network users, went on Facebook at least once a month in 2017.”  Instagram, purchased by Facebook in 2012, is continuing to grow, according to the same eMarketer report, one-quarter of the world’s social media users are on Instagram.

Content still King

Here are some reasons why content continues to important going forward.

New content still continues to be the number one way to boost your SEO for Google.   Your site needs to current and the best way to put new information up is creating new content.

As people become more suspicious of traditional advertising, relevant content on your site, containing information people are looking for, is the best way to sway a customer to shop with you.

Content encourages customer engagement with your brand and fosters brand loyalty.

And it positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

Changes You Can Make Today

Want to roll all this advice into one?  Write a blog today that is about information people want to see.  Make sure the pictures in that blog are resized to have your page load quickly.  Be sure to post that blog onto Facebook and other social media profiles.   And to ensure it gets seen by even more people, Ask your friends and family to share your Facebook post on their own timelines.

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