Can It Be That Simple?

I put up a post today on Facebook and Google + .  The post was a tip on how to make your social media profile / pages thrive.   The idea was simple.  Instead of posting sales messages or push marketing, treat your social media pages like the phone or someone at your front desk.

What are the first words you say when you answer the phone or when a customer walks in your doors?

Hello.  How can I help you today?

How can I help you signIf you look at your social media as a way of helping your customers, you’re going to win.

Study after study has shown that the more you push out sales messages, the less attention you receive in social media.  And getting less attention these days can be detrimental to your efforts.  For example, if people aren’t clicking on your posts on Facebook, and aren’t sharing them, Facebook’s algorithms have you showing up less in news feeds.

A colleague of mine made the point to me recently that as a business owner, she was getting more and more emails from this one company trying to sell her on using them to help her market.  All the emails went unopened.  In her busy time at work, she had no time or interest in reading them.

The same company posted on Facebook, and because she was relaxed and thinking about her business instead of WORKING her business, she entertained what that company had to say and had to offer.

So when she was able to switch modes from a business owner to a consumer, she was interested in the content, because the content was explaining how they could help her.

“How can I help you?”  It’s simple.  It’s polite.  But it’s also powerful.    When you ask the question, you are given the answer from the customer of how to sell them.  When you answer their need, you have a sale.

Start thinking today on how you can help your customers.  And if you don’t know, maybe you should ask.  On the phone.  In person.  And on social media.


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