How to be Authentic on Social Media

How to be Authentic on Social Media

What do I mean by “Authentic”?  I was reading articles, as I do, to write a tip blog for you.  Tip or list articles are really popular and get shared a lot.   Then I realized that all my tips I wanted to share with you, were really about the same thing.  Be authentic with your fans, friends, followers and customers.  Keep it real.


authentic definition graphicau·then·tic
  1. 1.
    of undisputed origin; genuine.

Seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it?  But what is authentic when engaging with social media?

It means to make your business feel like a real person is communicating with them.  It means to communicate like people, not talking points.

It means respect your audience.

Respect the Space

If your business has been liked or followed on any social platform, you have been given entrée into someone’s social life.  Your posts will show up alongside soccer game pictures, selfies, favorite food, worthy causes and Grandma’s post surgery updates.  Be respectful of that space.  Be genuine.  Appreciate how intimate their feed is to them and that you have been added to it.

Don’t be jarring, save the politics, religion, etc for your personal page, not your business profile.

Inform and Entertain

I can’t say it enough.  NO SELLING.   Don’t do it.  Stop it right now!  Yes, please do give your fans and followers the occasional special deal and please do let them know the newest products.  But do not “sell” in every single post.   If they wanted a feed of advertising only, they would watch television.

When you introduce a new product be informative on how cool it is or why people are excited to use it.  When you give a discount, make it an event, not a daily practice so your customers know that you won’t constantly be shoving it down their throats.

Think about how you, as a buyer, not the owner of the company, would want to be engaged.  Do you want something funny?  Heartwarming?   Important information?  Yes.  Do you want to see the newest widget in purple this month?   Maybe.  Why is it different, why should I buy it, and the most important – WHY SHOULD I CARE?


replyHow many of you would fire an employee for refusing to answer the phone?  Likewise, be sure that you are replying to your direct messages and to comments.

If it’s a problem that needs to be solved, a great way would be to comment:

“Hi Dave, thanks for pointing this out to us.  We definitely want to do better and want to solve your problem, please call 505-555-5555 and ask for Marcia.   She’s waiting to handle this for you and provide what you need”

Then you take the conversation offline.

If it’s a question, answer it!   Questions are a good way to know someone is interested in buying and they just need  a little information.

If it’s a compliment, be sure to thank them.  Like their comment or review and simply type, “Thank you”  You can even go as far as saying “Thank you for the great review, we appreciate your business”.

Basically these are the things you would do in your store, so you need to do it online.

Choose Wisely and Do It Well 

Think about the channels you choose and choose them well.  Find the social media platform that your current customers use and most likely you’ll find potential customers there as well.  Think about how you’re going to use that platform before committing to it.  And then, be sure to commit.  Doing social media half way, can be detrimental to your brand at worst, and at best, you lose momentum, fans, followers and relevance.

I usually recommend that my clients start with only one if they are doing it themselves, and to master it before picking a second social media platform.  It’s hard to be authentic if you are too scattered.

For those using my service,  I recommend they choose 3-4 platforms for me to manage for them.  We talk about the audience of each platform, how each platform is used by its audience and how that audience prefers to discover new things.  For example, Pinterest is highly visual and great for dreaming of your perfect home or wedding or even the body you want after doing crossfit.  Facebook being the most mature social media, has the widest range of demographics and sheer numbers of members.

Part of doing it well, includes advertising through social media.  Social media marketing has some of the best outcomes for advertising campaigns that I’ve ever seen.  (And I’ve sold newspaper, television, radio and cable television advertising).  Some platforms are better for your product / service than others.

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keepitreallyrealThank you for your attention.  I hope this blog has helped you with some social media tips that will help you Keep It Real!  Be genuine, be authentic, be yourself.

If you have found this useful, please share.

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