Are Kids Leaving Facebook?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Millenials leaving Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat.

I just read some really interesting information about social media and the  younger generation.

millenialsThey aren’t leaving Facebook in droves, in my opinion, nor is Facebook going to suffer the same fate as MySpace.   There are less of them  that are newly signing up to Facebook.  Could that be because most of their generation is already on there?   But also,  what they are doing is using Facebook less.  Yes they are jumping on SnapChat  because it’s new, and it’s temporary.

This is an important point.  It’s TEMPORARY.   What Millenials are telling researchers is that they want privacy.  Especially the younger end of GenY.  They watched their older brothers and sisters share everything on Facebook and saw the repercussions of that behavior.

SnapChat  allows for the picture and info to be shared and then it’s gone.  It doesn’t stick around for potential employers to check your profile.  It’s not there to incriminate you on your under aged drinking.  And Mom won’t be there to see who you are hooking up with, or whether you cuss.  You’ll see that  they are sharing less on the big social media sites, saving SnapChat for more intimate details of their life.

What Millenials are doing is sharing less on Facebook.  Except in one category, which is great news for marketers…. they are sharing purchases, things they covet,  purchasing research and more with their friends.  (from eMarketer)



What they are sharing is fashion (hair, beauty, apparel), Food and drinks, technology, electronics, and design.   They’re sharing it the most on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And they are influenced by their peers’ posts.

This is something that has shaped this generation for years.  Not just sharing or oversharing (which we now see abating as they age) but also the influence of their peers.   They are swayed by the brands their friends use and want.   Peers and family can influence everything from what soda they drink to where they go to college to what career they choose.  Their village’s thoughts and concerns are very important to them.

Perhaps because this is the most connected generation in  history.   This group doesn’t know why we use fax machines, has never known a time without a cellular phone, or cable television.   To them MTV has never shown only videos.   They are more accepting of diversity and difference and tend to be more liberal than generations before them.  And they are multi-tasking experts.

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