10 Trends to Watch in 2016

10 Trends to Watch in 2016

It always happens this time of year.   Everyone writes up what was good about the year that has passed, or what was horrible and what we should learn from the year that passed.   Or, articles come out about what to expect in the coming up.  Lucky for you, I read all those articles and come up with ten that are pertinent to my followers and clients.

10 Trends to Watch in 2016

#1  Data Data Data everywhere but no translation in sight.

I actually read this in three marketing articles and one from a military general!  With all of our technology, we’re able to garner so much information on our world.  The data can be overwhelming and can lead to false strategies without a human filter.   While technology  can make suggestions on the best course of action, it takes human experience and insight to choose the best route to go.    You can apply this theory to inventory control, popular sale items, or your marketing.  Don’t just go by the numbers, but determine where they are leading by using your own knowledge.

Back-to-basics trends#2 Back to the Basics Trend

We have so many different avenues to brand our companies, places to advertise, content to share, but you will see marketers getting back to the basics.

To go back to the basics, all you need to do is answer these questions:

  1.  Who is our Audience?
  2. What are we saying to them?
  3. Where are we delivering our message to them?
  4. How is it received?  Is it relevant to them?

One of the things I tell my clients is that online marketing, content marketing, social media marketing is all marketing and advertising.  The same concepts apply, you just need to apply them in new ways.

#3 Attention and Privacy as Currency

More and more we are bombarded with messages now than ever before.  Television, Cable, Email, Netflix, Radio, Satellite Radio, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Newspaper (for those that still read one), Online banners and ads, Pinterest, Texting, Billboards, and more.  You get the idea.   Our youngest generation understands this as has used their attention and their privacy as currency.  Before they sign up for your service or app, they make the decision right away if they want to let you track their preferences, and if they are willing to accept the advertising that goes along with signing up.  That concept will catch on more and more, and marketers will need to work on their relationships with the consumer to continue to collect data and send out marketing messages.

#4 Just Do It – Content Marketing Trend

Marketers have spent a lot of time analyzing, talking about, worrying about creating content, and content management and marketing.  In 2016 expect to see less talk and more action.  It’s time to start practicing our craft, rather than inspecting it like lint in our belly button.   Likewise, businesses have agreed that it’s important and will also be pushing their marketers to create content.

#5 SEO is No Longer Reliant Solely on Algorithms

Social Media and new relevant content will beef up your search engine ranking more than keywords , metadata, links and other SEO tactics.  Are you seeing a trend here?   Consumers want a relationship to share their preferences and accept your branding.  Content marketing and social marketing is one way to create and retain that relationship, and search engines want fewer words, and more relevant content on your site.  They want to see active social media on your branding, to bump you up that ladder.  This is a trend that has been happening for a while now, in 2016, expect it to be the norm.

Dollarphotoclub_67155826-300x193#6 Business to Business Trend – B2B Goes Mobile

More and more consumers shop on their mobile devices – iPads, Tablets, Smartphones.  As more businesses accept these devices in the BYOD  (Bring Your Own Device) work trend, expect to see more business transactions to happen on mobile.  If you are selling products  to businesses, you’ll need to revisit your selling tactics   Is your shopping cart on your website easy to use on mobile?  Do you need a mobile app? Businesses offering these to their business clients will have a leg up on their competition.

#7 The Hotel California Effect

Social media is closing their doors.  Not as in going out of business but as in, no longer leading out.  Take Facebook for example.  Facebook rolled out Instant Articles to top online news publishers, which allows them to publish an article on the Facebook platform.  Letting their consumers stay within Facebook’s “walls” to read information they want to read.  Facebook video is doing the same.  A new box pops up to play your video, or the video will play in your newsfeed.  You no longer end up on YouTube or a website.  Other social media will follow suit.  So, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

#8 Some “Social” isn’t, well, Social

A couple of articles I read, talked about Snapchat being more like TV than a social network.   I would agree and throw in YouTube as well.  The two apps work more like appointment television than a social network.  You want these two to be social, because you know you can share the content, however, most watch the content and leave.  No one is saying that Snapchat isn’t worthy of marketing, but like television, you best bet is to have a memorable commercial.

#9 The Native Mobile Trend

More and more social media is consumed on mobile phones or mobile devices than on traditional lap tops or desk tops.  Do people still have desktops?  I digress.  So what native means, is having your marketing inside the mobile feed of these networks.  Again lets look at Facebook.   When you sponsor a post you can choose to have it show up in the feed, and it will, for desktops and laptops.   When you make an ad for Facebook it shows up on the right side bar.   None of these show up in your mobile app on your phone.   Facebook has a third option to choose mobile feed, and this is where you want to be to reach those connecting by phone.

#10 Greta Weiner Digital Trend

myAvatarThat’s right, I’m trending while watching these trends for you.  More importantly, I applying the knowledge I’ve learned from these trends.   Being one of the first to offer social media management, content creating and management and online marketing to my customers, I continue to stay a step ahead for my clients.   And should you follow my blog, and / or use my services, you’ll be trending too!

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