10 Social Media Posting Ideas

10 Social Media Posting Ideas

Sometimes when you have been running your profiles and pages so long, you get burnt out on posting new ideas.  You may be so burnt out that you don’t remember to do the basics.  For anyone new to Social Media, here are some ways to post on your profiles and pages.  For those maybe not so new, here’s some you may not know or have forgotten.

10 Social Media Posting Ideas


  1.  Ask.    Ask your fans and followers some questions.   This hopefully encourage some feedback and engagement.   Ask them what their favorite item is that you sell.  Ask how long they have been shopping with you.   Ask them to do a review!  Now there’s an idea that not only will help with your Social Media post, but search engines like to see reviews as well.
  2. Tips.   Like this list here.  If you need some posting ideas, post tips on your industry.  If expand on the tip, you can make each tip on your list a separate post.  Then combine the list together for your blog.   See what I did there?
  3. Local Pictures.  A great way to remind your followers and fans that you are local is to post pictures.  I usually suggest posting a customer that came in or maybe a celebrity (local or otherwise)  that shops with you.   You can also post pictures of your location, or great pictures of your city and/ or state.   Which leads me to the fourth tip.
  4. Local pages’ posts.   Share a post from a local tourist place, share a news article that ranks your city high on a list to visit.  Show your pride for a local sports team.   While you may feel that you are spending your time and effort “advertising” for someone else, you actually will be creating goodwill for your business and possibly gaining new followers.cartoon about social media
  5. Cartoons!  Posting cartoons about your industry can be fun.  Beware, though, that you have the right to share the cartoon, and that it is not controversial.
  6. Other Content.  This should be a no-brainer but are you posting other content to your social media?  Do your blog posts go on every profile and page that you have?  When you get some good press, are you putting that news up?  Did a blogger cover you or one of your products? Share!   As a client said to me this week, Sharing is Caring!
  7. Events.  Got some events coming up?  Make sure you are posting them.   Especially on Facebook, where you have a separate place to make events and invite your followers.  Make sure that you take some pictures at the event and then post them the next day, or even better, post during your event if possible.  That’s three different ways to post from just one event.  Before, on a separate event page, and during or after.
  8. Holidays.   Again this should go without saying but be sure to wish your followers a happy holiday.   Get creative and find some goofy holidays to celebrate as well.  Did you know there was a National Sandwich Day?   There’s a national holiday for just about everything.
  9. Community events and concerns.  Is there an issue in your community that everyone is talking about?  Do you have a favorite charity?   For example, share an amber alert, show concern for a tragedy that has happened, champion your favorite pet rescue or food bank.   Let your followers and fans see the things they care about are the same things you care about.
  10. DIY and Hacks.  Is there a hack you know in your industry that others could benefit from?  If you are a restaurant, are you willing to share a recipe?  Got  a Do It Yourself tutorial?  Posting something that makes you useful to your fans and followers will be a popular post and likely to be shared.

If you are interested in seeing some of these postings in action, you can visit the following pages:




I hope this blog has been helpful to you and if it is, please share it!

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